Waiting and the New Book; Friends; the Beach; Photography and Sunsets

20160123_123332Book three is with my trusted readers now for a final read through. Instead of sitting and waiting for the results, I have Book and quilldecided to continue the work I started on the fourth book almost a year ago. I had written three quick chapters to cement my idea for the book. This past week, I went back into those chapters; fleshed out characters, enhanced the scenes, and expanded the dialog between the characters. I’m not done with those three chapters yet, there’s still some work that needs to be done to give my readers a better introduction to the new characters and area that the story takes place. A new era in time, a location on the prairies of Illinois, and developing characters that fit into those two will be the reason for a large amount of research that I have and Correcting notes 2will need to do. I’ve also written up simple outlines of what I want to happen in the next six chapters. The problem that has cropped up for me is the previous book. I can’t stop thinking of a few things I could have done better and those thoughts are preventing me from giving the new book the concentration it needs. Besides that, I have decided to forge onSketches in Spain thinking that it’s better to put some words to paper than not. That’s what editing is all about – right?

Sunset 11My other passion, photography, has taken up some time this week also. Naturally, as you can tell from my posts, I capture beautiful sunsets almost every evening. I have managed to get out and do a few other things this past week and try a small series of studio shots. A sample of each of my Sunset 5shoots make up the photographs in this post. I’ve read somewhere that taking photos tends to make you ignore the things you are seeing and hope for some type of remembrance when you go through your albums or electronic storage. I Sunset 9wholeheartedly disagree with this statement. When I have my camera in hand, I am more aware of my surroundings and seem to pay attention to the detail in things. I am constantly framing what I see to get the best effect and must admit that sometimes, what I see with my eyes can never be captured by a camera. At the same time, with all the great photo editing programs out there, you can create scenes that will never exist in reality. Either way, fame and success aside, I love going out with my camera whether it be a place like Machu Picchu or a stroll through my latest neighborhood.

I met up with friends again this week. An active social life is IMG_20160130_095235crucial to a healthy body and mind. Friday evening cocktails with Mona and Kelly was delightful as always. We always find a plenty to talk about have a few good laughs. Kelly has made it through a couple of weeks of old man basketball without any injuries. Saturday, I met Larry and Lon at Bodega Verde again for our weekly coffee and chat. There was a wide range of topics discussed as well as Vasessome interesting stuff on Larry and Lon’s time in the Peace Corps. Bob and Silvia had their 5th wedding anniversary this past weekend. They are the sweetest couple and it is my great pleasure to count them Sailingamong my friends. On Sunday I met Kathy for a last coffee and catch up before she leaves for the US. She’s having problems with her “good hip” and the knee on that leg so she will be seeing an orthopedic guy while she’s there. Azaad, Natalie, and Nadia are still in South Africa on vacation. From the photos, I am envious of the great time they are having. Jamie and Ada are well, Ada’s mother finally got the hip surgery and is doing well in Merecovery from what I hear. The others are all fine but the really big news – my friend and ex-boss Deb Severa has finally joined Facebook. A shocking yet wonderful event. I look forward to seeing her posts and being able to keep current on the things happening in her life.

Steve 1I went to the beach this week with Steve and Paul. It was a good time despite the fact that Me and SteveI don’t really enjoy laying on the beach and getting sand into places where sand doesn’t belong. The water is surprisingly warm and I delighted in playing in the surf to cool off. I guess we can thank El Niño for the warm water but I could do without the humidity. We didn’t spend a whole lot of time there, we went in Paulthe afternoon and the UV rating was over 15 again. That made it a dangerous time to be out in the sun. We did use sunscreen but who knows how well that protects you when the rating is that high.

That’s it for another post. I hope you all are remaining active physically and mentally. You know the mantra – get up, get out, get moving – write a poem, read a book, paint a picture, take some photos. Love to you all – have a great week.


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