Editing’s Done, Publish?; Friends and Coffee; Cricket; PC Problems; Photography

Sunset 5Finally, the line by line edits are finished, the characters who needed it have been fleshed out, and grammatical errors have been fixed. It felt at times that I would never get through it; frustration ruled the day. Now, I’ve sent the manuscript off to two of my Sunset 10trusted readers to let me know if all the work I put into fixing it has paid off and made the book a better read. I’m giving them a couple of weeks while I work on designing the book’s cover and trying to come up with a better title than the one I started with, “The Dumping Ground.” Then it will be time to publish (in print and for Kindle using Amazons tools) and start my advertising campaign. It is the one part of the process that I Sunset 3am most uncomfortable with. Raised to think that tooting your own horn made you conceited and worse, those ingrained ideas are hard to overcome. In the little free time that I have between dealing with the book and other projects I have going, I have Sunset 6started work on my fourth book. It will be a crime/thriller/detective story also. But I´m spreading out from my first three books where the series takes place in Lima, Peru. This new book is a murder mystery that will take place in the early 1890s in the prairies that surround Albion, Illinois. Wish me luck fellow persons of the pen.

The PC problems I mentioned in my last post have continued into this week. The problem apparently extended beyond my Ethernet card and involved the tower’s cooling system, the mother board, and the bios card. Thanks to my friend Steve and another trip to Sunset 15CompuPlaza in the center of Lima, all those failing systems were replaced at a very reasonable cost and they assured me that there were no problems with my hard drive. I was relieved at that news since I had just downloaded over 190 photos to the PC when it crashed. I was very happy that I didn’t have to go out and purchase a whole new tower.

Last Friday evening, I enjoyed cocktails with Mona and Kelly. Kelly in particular is happy now that he has arranged and paid for their trip to Cozumel in April. We talked about Saluki Basketball and an upcoming installment of a friend, Coach Diane Daugherty, into the Saluki Hall of Fame as well as a host of other topics. Saturday morning coffee held a great surprise. Out good friend Mark Kennet was able to rejoin our Sunset 8round table discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of Peru along with numerous other subjects. Larry, Carlo, and Dario were also there. It was another great day. My friend Azaad has joined his wife and daughter in South Africa for the rest of their vacation. Bob and Silvia are doing great and have lost some weight in a renewed effort to get healthy. Jamie and Ada are working hard to keep their business successful. Ada’s mother (she broke her hip) is still waiting for her surgery. We are all sending her well wishes for a swift recovery, she’s a very sweet lady.

South AfricaI was invited to attend the fourth annual India Ambassador’s Cup Cricket competition at the Lima IndiaCricket Club last Sunday. The competition involved South Africa, India, England, and Australia in a single elimination struggle. My friend Azaad had invited me and other friends to come and support the South African team and cheer them on to victory. It was unfortunate that Azaad woke up with a searing migraine that morning and was unable to make it. Dario and I took the bus over and arrived in plenty of time to watch the South African and Indian players warm up for the first match. I wandered around with my camera trying to get a few shots before the game started. Bob and Silvia showed up as well as Mahlon to enjoy a nice day watching a game about which none of us Cricket 1knew the rules. We sat with the South African contingent and they were delighted to explain the rules to us Cricket 8and help us to enjoy the game as best we could. For me, the best part of the game was watching the bowlers (pitcher to you baseball fans). These guys knew how to throw their whole body into a bowl. Sadly, South Africa lost in the end with India scoring 75 runs to their 74. I have to add that it was like a one inning game so the minute the India team surpassed the runs the South Africa scored, it was all over. I only stuck around for a India Ambasadors Cuppart of the next game, England vs Australia but it looked like India might have their hands full beating England for the cup. I still haven’t heard who won it all. It was a great time and I enjoyed myself immensely and hope to attend the event next year also.

Well, that’s it for another post. Remember to get up, get out, and get moving. Carry a book with you and take a break to read a few chapters in the middle of your walk or run. You have to keep all the parts in good working order to have a great life. Sometimes it’s hard but always worth the effort. Have a great life – till my next post – love to all.


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