The Last Edits; PC Problems in a Foreign Land; Friends and Coffee; Photography

Sunset 6Despite a rough weekend for working, Today, I managed to finish going through the manuscript one last time for any last minute changes or edits that might need to be done. With my yellow highlighter and red pen at the ready, I valiantly charged into the document ready to fill the margins with comments and mark the Beach 1sentences I thought could use a little work. Then setting those to the side, I brought up the manuscript one last time to type in those changes, fix spelling errors, adjust missing spaces, close quotation marks, and end sentences with the appropriate mark. I made it through the first twenty pages when I remembered I needed to get a post on my webpage, so here I am. The end is now so near; I can almost taste it. I Barranco 1am adjusting the ending slightly and will be fleshing out a couple of characters in this last edit. I need to take my time with this, think it out, and ensure that these large insertions fit into the scenes well. My last big project before putting the book on Amazon for sale will be going out with my model to capture the perfect photo for the book cover. Now I have to find a lot where construction hasSunset 1 just begun (shouldn’t be hard here in Lima) and talk them into letting me do a photo shoot on site when they’re not working. To all you writers out there, I hope your projects are progressing nicely.

Sunset 8One of the big problems I have living here in Peru is my minimal ability to speak Spanish. This becomes particularly troublesome when I need something replaced or repaired by a skilled tradesman. I thank the stars that I have Steve and other wonderful Peruvian friends who are always willing to help me when I get in a tight spot. For example, this past Friday the Ethernet card on my PC decided it didn’t wat to work anymore. That meant no internet. Now, I still have my smart phone and an iPad but working with then to update my social media sites is a serious pain. I hate one finger typing (especially since my fingersRosebud are so large), the amount of time spent fixing the accidental misspellings is annoying. On Monday, Steve took the PC tower in to a shop that specializes in such things. There are none close to my Sunset 1apartment so he took it to the historical center of Lima to get it fixed. A few hours later and a surprisingly small amount of money, I had a new Ethernet card and all is well in social media land. The moral of the story is, “If you move to a foreign land and don’t speak the language well, make local friends, the more the better. I’m sure you’ll be able to reciprocate the help in other ways.”

Friday evening, I met with Mona and Kelly for cocktails. We talked Sunset 1basketball, family, the stock market, and other assorted topics. I met with Larry, Tom and his wards this past Saturday for coffee. The majority of our conversation centered around helping his wards with their English. The others were all busy with other things that day. Then on Sunday, I met with my friend Kathy and FB friend Elena (an FB friend we hadn’t met personally yet) at Starbucks in Miraflores for another coffee and chat. Sunset 5That was a wide ranging conversation that covered everything from healthcare to divorce in Peru. All the others are doing fine. The exception being Ada’s mother who is still waiting for her hip surgery. That is very sad. Jamie is selling meats, Bob and Silvia are healthy and happy. Mark is back in Peru and biking every Sunset 17chance he gets. Azaad is batching it while his daughter and wife have fun in the sun in South Africa. I’m going to a Cricket match this coming weekend to watch him play. Four embassies (England, India, South Africa, and Australia) here in Peru have a competition once a year. It should make for a great outing this coming Sunday.

Sunset 10I am still enamored with the sunsets here on my beach almost every evening. Each is beautiful in it’s own way and I have yet to see two look the same and have the photos to prove it. I do need to get out and expand my subject matter some. Wish me luck with that.

Well, another post is under my belt and it’s time for me to rattle on with my usual mantra. I hope you are exercising body and mind – they are the only ones you will ever have. Get up, get out, get moving – read a book, write a poem, take a photo, paint a picture. Doing any of those and many other things will improve your life. Till next time, have a great week.


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