Line by line Edits; Summertime in Peru; Coffees and Friends; Photography

Sunset 2.2At last, I’ve finished fixing, adjusting, adding to, and deletion of the line by line editing comments and suggestions given to me by my editor. It has been a herculean task, one that has taken me months to complete. Naturally, I went through the author’s first stage when reading them for the first time – anger. How could she not see what I was trying to communicate, the story I was trying to tell. I set them aside and came back to them with the anger stored away where it belongs. Now with a clear head, I could see the “oh so obvious” points she was trying to make. Why hadn’t I seen them on the three read throughs I had done before sending her the manuscript. The big ones were lack of character development, seriously bad repetition of Sunset 2.1actions by my characters, rushed plot lines with little explanation about what and why something was happening and others less important. They were all in red boxes on the margin of almost every page of the manuscript. All I can say is, “Amanda, THANK YOU, the incredible amount of time you spent helping me with this book humbles me.” I hope that I have done your work justice with my adjustments to the story. Red Umbrella 1You are the perfect example of what an editor should be, I am eternally grateful for not only your work but also your friendship.

It’s summertime in Peru. The humidity is running near 100% here on the coast everyday but thankfully, the temperatures are hovering in the high seventies to low eighties. Now that I have an apartment on the beach, I get to watch the beachgoers and sun worshippers enjoy the long days basking in the sun. Two different girls’ beach volleyballVolleyball teams practice right in front of my building. Early in the morning joggers from all over come to run the beach, getting their exercise in before work or going to school. The older crowd if there too, with their half run half walk trot, they do their best to get in enough time for the exercise to do them good. It can be very distracting if you let it. I’ve spent a few hours throughout the day just going to the balustrade on the terrace and staring out at the ocean, the people on the beach, or watching some amazing sunsets. I’m very glad that we moved here in time for me to enjoy this. I’m not sure if I will spend more than a Big Boatyear hear. I can see the buildup of rust on everything metal that I own. My big fear is the affect it may be having on my electronics (TC, computer, phone, iPad, etc.). We’ll see how it goes but in the meantime I will enjoy this to the fullest.

Coffee with the gang was interesting this week. Larry, Carlo,Sunset 4 Dario and I were joined by Tom and his two wards, Sarah and Cheeky. We spent a great deal of time talking about universities, exams, and ties in to US Universities. Other than that a small amount of time was spent on a variety of other topics, including politics. I had cocktails with Mona and Kelly on Friday evening. We talked a little basketball, caught up on holiday events, and pondered the thrill of winning $900,000,000 dollars if the numbers came up in the Poser Ball Lottery. As we all know now, they didn’t. At least we get a shot at again this Wednesday. I haven’t seen any other friends since the last post and can only hope that they are all happy and content. My sister is off on another whirlwind vacation; Ecuador is part of it. Can you believe, she’s not even going to drop down into Peru for a quick visit. JUST JOKING is you read this Sis. I hope they have a great time.

Fishing TugI’ve been able to get out a couple of times this past week with the camera. Not only does it count as exercise, it’s something I enjoy doing. I am finding that the range of subject matter here in Chorrillos is not as varied as it was in San Borja. That hasn’t kept me from going out as often as possible though. I hope you are enjoying the photos I post with this blog.

Well, that’s it for another post. I hope all of you have been active both mentally and physically this past week. I’ve started studying my Spanish again and am still using the games on Elevate and Luminosity to try and keep my mind sharp. I’m also monitoring my active time and steps taken in a day to make sure I’m at least getting up and out as often as I should. Have a great week everyone.


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