Editing or Writing; Photography; Friends and Coffee; the New Year

Beach 14The battle to finish editing the third book continues. I
had one good day hammering at the keyboard this past week. I spent a good three hours workPlumeria 1ing my way into the last quarter of the book. The further I get into this process the more difficult it becomes. Remembering the changes made, the adjustments to character traits, the slight modifications to plot, and much more; begin to take their toll. At some points in this process I feel more like I am writing than editing. Making changes to or rewriting entire sections of a chapter feels like I am starting Beach 1anew on the novel. My editor has been brilliant in pointing out my shortcomings in all areas of the book. The largest was my perpetual placement of all characters in a state of jumpiness in almost all the scenes. She even Sunsetcommented that is was becoming comical about halfway through the book, I had to agree. I think I slipped into the habit because of long breaks between my writing sessions. One tends to not notice these things in their writing when that happens. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice it on Beach 4the three rereads I did when working on my own edits. I think I need to start a list of things to look for in my books when I’m rereading the first draft. Well, on the good news side, I still think I’ll have worked my way through the edits and have it ready for publishing in February.

I have had the chance to get out for a few Beach 8photography walks this past week. A couple of walks through the neighborhood and on the beach provided me with a lot of nice shots. Yesterday evening, I walked to the edge of the water to shoot the sunset and Peruvians enjoying the waning hours of the day on the beach. I’m constantly amazed at the never ending string of stunning sunsets here on the beach in Chorrillos. They haven’t Beach 10progressed as far as San Borja when it comes to landscaping the parks or the home owners planting and maintaining flower beds in their yards. They will get their though and I look forward to seeing the progress the make in the coming year.

I had promised myself that I wasn’t going out Party 8New Year’s Eve but my friend Steve talked me into going, emphasizing that as an author, I needed to be more social. On that point it turned out he was correct. The people there were very interested in my writing and asked about my books and wanted to talk about my writing process. The party was held at the home of a couple, Tom and Carla, that I had met only once at Party 1a previous party at my friends Bob and Silvia’s. Tom and Carla’s home was in La Planicie, a very nice area in La Molina. Although it was a small group of people (only 14), the conversation was lively and everyone Party 4had a great time. There was a magnificent meal served about 10pm and then we waited for the fireworks to start. They were brief but filled the sky with color and sound. I was very happy that I attended in the end. Steve was right.

SailingMy friend Kathy trucked over to the apartment this week. We enjoyed coffee, tea, a nice snack, and some great conversation. We hung out for almost three hours before she had to head back into Miraflores to get some chores done. We also had another great coffee and chat session at Bodega Beach 13Verde this week. Larry, Carlo, Lon, and Dario joined me for another round of gab on the usual very diverse range of topics. On a sad note, my friend Ada´s mother fell and broke her hip. We are all hoping she has a full and healthy recovery after the surgery. Jamie’s meat Beach 5business is doing well but because of changing visa rules here in Peru he is going to have to stop coming into Peru on a tourist visa. Mark, who is in the US presently, will be dealing with that issue also. Azaad, Natali, and their daughter Nadia spent New Year’s in Asia, a beach town a few hours south of Lima. Bob and Silvia are doing well and I Beach 18had the pleasure of spending New Year’s Eve with them also. I’m positive they had a great time. Steve is saving up to head back to University the first of March. Both he and I will be glad when he’s graduated.

Well, that’s it for this post, I hope your New Year holiday was as terrific as mine. Remember – exercise body and mind, they are the only ones you will ever have; at least in the present state of technology. Get up, get out, do something creative – you’ll never regret it. Have a FANTASTIC New Year everyone.


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