Still Editing; Coffees, Friends, and Cocktails; Christmas; Problems Galore

Sunset 1Sorry for the late posting but what a couple of weeks it has been. The start of the holidays, unusual problems, coffees, meetings, and other things have all conspired to keep me away from my writing. I Did manage to get some editing done on book three though and I’m now a little more than two thirds the way through the line by line edits. I continue to struggle with the suggested changes; ways to word things better, showing instead of telling, and suggestions on character development are the big ones. I imagine that most writers struggle with this stuff after Sunset 3getting their manuscripts back from their editors. That thought gives me the strength to go on with the work. Now that Christmas and the holidays will be over soon, I hope to be able to spend more time on the work once again. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I need all the moral support I can get.

Speaking of Christmas, it was a bust for me this year. I didn’t attend a dinner at Steve’s family’s home, there were no presents under the tree, Cookiesand it was hot along with high humidity. I did enjoy having the tree lights on in the evening and that helped to keep my seasonal spirits and I baked my first batch of cookies here in Peru. The fireworks Christmas Eve, thankfully, were short and sweet here in the new neighborhood. They started about 11:45 PM and were finished by 00:20 AM. They were spectacular though and I had a great view of them looking out my bedroom window over the city and hills behind our building. I did get an Sunset 4excellent video of them on my phone but haven’t figured out how to download the movie yet. I have no plans for New Year’s Eve, other than sharing a couple of early evening cocktails with Mona and Kelly via Facetime. I stopped celebrating the New Year a long time ago. Once again though, I am not looking forward to the fireworks that will keep me up past my bedtime.

I’ve met a couple of times with friends at Bodega Verde for coffee since my last post. Larry, Mahlon, Carlo, Dario, and Jim were all in attendance at one or both of the get-togethers. As always, a wild range of topics took up our time. I can always depend on these guys for a lively and informative Sunset 4discussion on the most interesting things. I had cocktails via Facetime with Mona and Kelly once. We spent time catching up on our weeks, discussed a little Saluki Basketball, and talked holiday plans. Unfortunately, I haven´t seen my other friends in some time. Azaad, Natalie, Jamie, Ada, and Mark have been as busy as I have but, thanks to FB, I know that they are all doing well and having a great time. I did Sunset 5meet Kathy last weekend for breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. We hadn’t seen each other for a little over three months so we had a lot of catching up to do. She’s doing great and is staying active as well as maintaining a busy social life.

I haven’t gotten out with my camera as much as I would have liked but Have managed some great shots of the spectacular sunsets we can have here on the beach. This is one of my activities that I hope to increase in the coming weeks. That and getting back to my walks on the beach.

A few problems cropped up in the past week. My PC decided that it didn’t want to take an update to Windows 10. That caused some problems that Steve had to come in and fix for me. It left me without a PC for a couple of days while he worked out the problems. Then my laptop didn’t want to Sunset 5take an install of Microsoft Office. Once again Steve had to come to the rescue. After that I went a couple of days without anything going wrong and then my two-year-old Samsung big screen decided to expire despite our best attempts to revive it. So, I am now the proud owner of a new 48” Samsung Smart TV, Merry Christmas to me. Things like this tend to affect my mood for editing, so these are a few more reasons that it suffered during this time period.

Well, that sums up things since my last post. I hope your two plus weeks went better than mine did. Have you been exercising body and mind? If not, consider this me trying to put a guilt trip on you. Get up, get out, go for a walk, write a poem, take some photos, use that treadmill or stair stepper that has been acting as a coat hanger – get the picture. Peace and love to you all, I hope your holidays are magical.


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