Still Editing; Coffee, Chat, and Friends; My Photography; Sunsets; Christmas; Punta Hermosa

Sunset  1My struggle to spend time on editing my manuscript continues. I actually have succeeded in doing better this week. I managed a minimum of three hours of editing every day but one this Workers on Beachweek. This put me past the halfway point in the novel and gave me a tremendous feeling of satisfaction. Getting through the line by line edits will not be the end of the process. Once I have completed those, I will need to read through the book again and make notes accenting the American Oyster Catcherplaces where I need to strengthen character development and flesh out some of my plot points including a possible change to the ending of the book. I truly hope that at some point writing a novel becomes a little more second nature to me. I’m still learning and in mySunset 3opinion have a long way to go in developing my skills in this craft. I continue to learn from every comment made by an editor or a reader. This does not dampen my enthusiasm for writing in the least, if anything, it only increases my desire to become better.

Boats 3I met Larry and Mahlon for coffee Saturday morning at Bodega Verde. Our conversations ran the usual gamut of topics, although I must admit that the most interesting thing the two of them bantered back and Waves 1forth about was their experiences in the Peace Corp in Bolivia and Peru in the early sixties. My friends Amber and JR left for the US. They told me that they loved Peru and especially like Lima. I have to believe them since they spent the majority of their vacation in the city enjoying the archaeological sites, museums, and salsa dancing in Parque Kennedy. I had to miss a birthday get together for my good friend and artist Ada Galvez. From the Beachphotos posted on FB they didn’t miss me despite comments to the contrary. LOL I had Christmas 3cocktails with Mona and Kelly via Facetime last Friday evening. We caught up on the past week. Kelly’s desire to retirement in the next couple of years and Saluki Basketball were among the things we talked about. It’s always a good time but not as good as actually being on their patio with them enjoying a beautiful evening and a drink. Hoping to catch up with even more friends in the coming week.

I put up the Christmas Tree this week. I always hesitate toChristmas 4 do it, but am glad I did after it’s up and the lights are turned on. Here in a warmer climate with a beautiful beach right outside my window, Christmas 1it’s hard to get in a Christmassy mood. The tree usually does the trick. Now I have to think about presents.

I’ve noticed a pest problem with my beautiful gardenia plant this past few weeks. I think it’s either aphids of Scale Insects. Either way I’ve purchased a spray that you are supposed to use on the plant no more than Christmas 2twice every eight days. So far, it looks like it’s working. I hope it does, I’ve grown fond of the plant, it’s beautiful blooms, and fragrance.

We had a scheduled electrical outage here in Chorrillos this past week, so Steve and I decided to use the opportunity to head out to Punta Hermosa for lunch and a nice walk along Beach 2their malecon. We enjoyed a good lunch at La Esquina el Churre while enjoying the views of the sea and beach. While there, we ran into friends Sandra and Phil Henderson with their baby son Ethan. That was a pleasant surprise. I don’t know why, but I’m always a bit shocked when I run into people I know when I’m out and about. That was true Steveeven when I was living in the US.

The sun has been bright in the sky the last couple of Medays and as a result we have had two evening of incredible sunsets. Last night’s was the most amazing of all. The sky and clouds were ablaze with deep shades of red, orange, and gold. Being able to capture those moments with my camera was wonderful. Besides the beautiful sunsets, I have been able to get out for several walks this week and catch some of the beauty in and around my new digs. I’m hoping for a lot more opportunities in the coming weeks.

Well, that’s it for another week. I hope you’ve been keeping active both physically and mentally. Use or lose it as the saying goes.


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