Time Spent Editing; Movie Review, Frankenstein; Thanksgiving; Visiting Friends

Pink Sunset 2I have found that the amount of serious time I can spend in a day working on the editing recommendations from my editors is limited. It seems that my concentration on Volleyball Practicethe task seems to wane after four hours. My ability to process the thoughts and suggestions they make takes a serious hit. The things pointed out by the editors require serious consideration. How will the change affect other parts of the story? Does the change add to or detract from the tale I am trying to tell? Here are a few examples of my editor’s comments:

Sunset Between the clouds 5“What is the significance of this memory? It needs to tie into the present situation.”
“How does Rodriquez feel about missing his shot? Don’t forget to give reactions to actions, physical or emotional.”
“The wording makes it seem as like his eyes have left Gardenia 1his face and are darting around the room.”
“More about the Ministers and the political set up in Lima would be nice here.”
“Too many double modifiers on nouns.”

Every page of the manuscript contains multiple comments. They are all excellent and deserve attention. But my poor brain can only handle so much, so, I close the document and set the manuscript to the side, then escape into other areas in my life. From comments I have received from other writer friends, they also have this issue.

Wall 2Thanksgiving has come and gone. It’s not a holiday here in Peru so it’s left up to the small American Expat community to throw something together to celebrate the day we Dinner 4are to give thanks for all those things that make our lives worthwhile. My wonderful friends, Bob and Silvia Lowery, held a fantastic feast for the second year that rivals anything I attended in the US. Around twenty old and new friends sat down to a Pumpkin and peach Piefeast of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, and an apple waldorf salad. The dessert includedBob Dario Silvia pumpkin pie, peach cobbler with sweet cream sauce, and a Black Forest Cake. Lively music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s kept us entertained as great conversation and lively laughter was the order of the day. After dinner and a small recovery period, a game of musical chairs had young and old squealing in delight. The evening ended with hugs and promises of making it a yearly event.

AmberJRatPMy friends Amber Popp and JR Hernandez returned from their excursion to Machu Picchu and Cusco The roadthis past weekend. They had a fantastic time and loved the Incan site despite suffering from a serious bout of altitude sickness. On Wednesday, Steve and I fought through Lima’s morning rush hour traffic to pick them up at their new digs in the Hostal el Patio to treat them to a AmberJRSteveatPday out to the south of Lima. Our first stop was the archaeological site of Pachacamac. It had been a couple of years since I had shown anyone this incredible site so I was looking forward to seeing the progress archaeologists were making on the site and find out if any new theories were being bandied about. We hired a guide at the gate, a smart young AmberJRStaveatPwoman who knew her stuff and was even able to relate the myth of how the islands off the coast came into being. From there we drove in to Punta Hermosa for a latish lunch Llamaat La Esquina el Churre, a beautiful restaurant on the edge of the Pacific with spectacular views and delicious food. After stuffing ourselves, we took a long walk along the malecon there to work off a few of the calories. As the sun set, we returned to our apartment in Chorrillos for coffee, tea, and some fresh fruit for a snack. Then, itAmberJrSteveSanBartolo was time to return the weary travelers to their comfortable bed at the Hostal.

CrabSteve and I went to the movie “Victor Frankenstein” this past week. I liked the move, but Steve thought it was great. There were sections in the movie that were slow for me, almost boring. The acting was OK but I didn’t like Daniel Ratcliffe as Egor. I originally gave it 4 Llamas but on second thought I am reducing it to 3.5 Llamas with a recommendation to watch it on your big screen TV. It’s not worth the price of admission, especially in the US.

Well, that sums up everything since my last post. Remember to exercise your body and mind. They are the only ones you will ever have. It’s never too late to start some form of exercise for either. Get up, get out, be creative – you’ll never regret it.


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