Oh How I Love Editing, NOT; Back in the Groove; Visitors; Friends and Coffees

Sunset 11Now that I’ve had time to settle in from my month long trip back to the US, I’ve started working on the edits for book three again. I’m always excited as I place the manuscript with Sunset 5its sea of red ink and turn to the page where I left off. That excitement lasts about ten seconds as I read the comments that suggest I should “show, not tell;” “develop my character with more depth;” and then tell me about fragmented sentences and other horrors that I have committed. I say this with a bit of levity because in almost all instances, my editor has correctly pointed out my many failings as a writer and is doing her best to Flower 1make me a better author. I hate editing; it’s tiring, headache inducing work. Some of the comments require a great deal of thought and fixing some of the errors pointed out requires careful consideration lest I compound the problems pointed out. I’ve worked my way through approximately a third of the book so far and I fear that the rest will take a considerable amount of time. Even after I have gone through the line by line errors, there are mistakes in the plot and character development that need to be fixed afterwards. I need some writing elves to help me out. Anyone have a couple I could borrow?

I’ve finally gotten myself back into my groove. I have a tentative weekly schedule that I try to follow. Now that I have taken care of some problems that cropped up while I was away, that semi-schedule has been restored. It feels good to have a minimal amount of order associated with my life. Don’t get me wrong, chaos can be a lot of fun but it can cause problems with that side of your life that requires some structure.

AandJR1This past week, a blast from the past has reappeared in my life. A co-worker from some 25 years ago, Amber Popp, contacted me through a mutual friend. She and her partner, JR Hernandez, were coming to Peru for a vacation AansJR2and wondered if I could help them with their plans and show them around Lima a bit. Naturally, I’m always excited to show people the things I love about this great city. We exchanged e-mails for a week or so and they arrived in Lima this past Saturday night. Sunday I trucked over to their hotel and took them to the Historical Center of Lima for a tour of the sights and sites. We started in the Plaza de Armas with the Presidential Palace, Casa Oidor, the Archbishops Palace and the Cathedral. Flower 2From there I took them to the San Francisco Church where they enjoyed a tour of the catacombs, their library of ancient manuscripts, and art work. Then it was back to the Presidential Palace to watch the changing of the guards.

That brought us to lunch and we headed over to the Plazaa San Martin and the Hotel Bolivar to enjoy a delicious meal and one of their tasty Pisco Sours. With a full stomach, we headed to the University of San Marcos, Huerfanos, Casa Torre Tagle and CasaAmber and JR Goyeneche, and the Museum of the Inquisition. After that, it was time to head back into Miraflores where we had coffee and a snack at Haiti before I left them to head back to my apartment in Chorrillos.

The next morning, I took them to Huaca Pucllana in Miraflores for a tour of that wonderful archaeological site. We then walked to the malecon to enjoy the Llamaocean views before heading to the mall Larcomar and Mangos for lunch. Refreshed, we headed into Barranco. We had a coffee at Bodega Verde, walked through its colorful neighborhoods, and met a very talented artist. From there I Patoshowed the Historical Church, the Bridge of Sighs, and a couple of my favorite overlooks. That made for a full day and it was time for dinner. Steve drove over and we took them to EL Salto del Fraile (The Diving Priest)for a late dinner after which we drove them back to their hotel. They’re up in Cusco as of this writing and we will show them a little more of Lima on their return.

Salto del FraileThe one routine I was very happy to get back into was my weekly coffee and chat with Larry and others. It was great sitting at one of the garden tables in Bodega Verde catching up with my friends here in Lima. I also had cocktails with Mona and Kelly via Facetime but as much as I love doing it, having cocktails with them in person on their patio is a lot more fun and definitely more satisfying.

Well, that’s it for this week. Hope you all are keeping body and mind healthy and fit. Get up, get out, use it or lose it – you know all the platitudes by now. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend all.


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