Editing, a little writing, and reading; Life in the new location; Friends; Photo Walks

Sunset 2I’ve started working on the line by line edits from Amanda. She always gives me magnificent suggestions for improvingWhite FLower 1 my writing and letting me know where I should “show” instead of “tell.” Her ability to catch my grammatical errors is excellent also. I do plan to take the book and suggestions back to the US with me and work on it there during any downtime I have. Most of my writing this past week involved work on the Egyptian posts for this webpage. I kept a journal of that trip but only through day seven. After that, we were kept busy for 10 – 11 hours touring more Fishing for crustaceons 2of the amazing ruins and I couldn’t find time to keep the journal going. Starting with day 8, I’ve had to rely on my dated photographs and poor memory to fill in the things we did and saw on the rest of the trip. Only one more post to go on that though, and I’ll have finished that little project. Knowing that reading is an integral part of writing, I have picked up my reading pace. I finished John Sanford’s “Stormfront,” loved it, and have started “Phantom Prey.” The man has an amazing way with words.

I’m still enamored with my new living conditions although the plumbing problem IChampagne Rose 2 mentioned last week still hasn’t been resolved. We have worked our way up to a third plumber, dismissed him and gone Egret 6back to the second plumber. He worked on the problem all day Thursday but was unable to clear the block in the line. He’s coming back on Monday to go at it from a different direction. As my friends here in Peru have suggested, I am learning to be a more patient person. We haven’t had as much sun here since my last entry. I guess Old Man Winter hasn’t retired just yet. I’m still taking a walk on the beach most days though and the sounds of the pounding surf still infuse me with a sense of peace taking my mind away from the plumbing problem and the fact that Moviestar still hasn’t installed out internet.

Beach Bird 3I’m back to a routine with meeting my friends. Coffee and Chat had a full crowd this past weekend. Dario, Place to plant itCarlo, Mahlon, and Larry were al there for a full and lively discussion of an assorted range of topics. Discussions about Donald Trump to current travel activities entertained and informed us. Time spent in Bodega Verde with good friends and great conversation is always time well spent. My friend Kathy stopped by on Wednesday for some help with her camera. She was unable to download photos to her laptop. We resolved the issue, went for a walk, and she has informed me that the Sunset 3camera is working fine now. My friend Mark is back in the US for a visit after stopping in Ecuador on business. All the rest continue to enjoy life and times Old Roseshere in this beautiful country and very interesting city.

I managed to get in a few photo walks this past week also. Besides the beach, I made it through the neighborhood that sits behind our apartment building and managed to get some nice photos. On the days that the sun does make an appearance, however Stormy Daybriefly, I’ve managed to capture some amazing sunsets. The beach also supplies and endless variety of shots. I also managed to add some brush strokes to the current painting I’m working on and plan to do more work on it today. It would be great if I can get it finished before I leave for the US.

That’s it for this week. Hope you all have been exercising body and mind. Try stretching your creative side this week, Take some photos, do a sketch, write a poem, anything that expands your thought process. Love you all – have a great week.


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