Writing, Editing; Photography; Friends; Life in the New Place

Sunset 1Another week with no words added to a creative project. I have managed to do a small amount of research related to the newest book and I’ve looked over the overall comments from my main editor in preparation for starting assessing the line by line comments. I’m looking forward to making book Seagull 2three the best I can possibly make it. All too soon, end of September, I’ll be leaving for my annual trip back to the USA to visit friends and family. Getting ready for that and spending the next month there will most assuredly put a crimp in my projected timeline to get book three published. I’m also still A Swimwaiting for comments and suggestions from two other editors. It’s important, as far as I’m concerned, to look at all suggestions to help point out any major flaws the book might have, especially with plot. My first book took over two years to write and it looks like this one is headed down the same road. To my readers, please be patient, I want to provide you with Log 3the best reading experience I can with my humble talent.

I’ve been in my new apartment for almost two weeks now. It’s been a fantastic time so far. Morning and evening walks on the beach, truly stunning sunsets, and exploring my new neighborhood have reinvigorated me. So far, we’ve only had one minor catastrophe, a rather serious plumbing problem whose cost of repair was covered by my landlord, a rarity here in Peru. Everything is put away now and I can’t count the number of times in a day that I walk to the front of my terrace and lean on Waves 2the railing just to watch the waves come crashing into shore. The sound of the pounding surf instills a sense of tranquility that I never felt in the time I lived in San Borja. At times, it’s hard to drag myself away from that glorious view and pick up a book or work on one of my various projects. Life by the sea is ideal so far, I can only hope that it extends far into the future.

I did manage to get together with a few friends this past week. On Saturday, I met Sunset 5with Larry, Carlo, and Dario at Bodega Verde in Barranco for the first of many coffees and chats. We enjoyed lively discussions on all manner of topics and I especially enjoyed spending a few moments with Larry before the others Fishing with Netsshowed up discussing our writing efforts. Afterwards I had my first adventure on the Metropolitano Bus Line getting back to my apartment. It turned out to be relatively easy and actually took less time to get back than the taxi ride to Barranco. On Sunday my friend, Kathy, came to the apartment for lunch followed by a walk on the beach. We sat on the terrace while Paul fixed lunch and had a nice long talk, mostly political stuff. Kathy also brought Drinking on the Beachme a Metro Card so I no longer have to beg people to let me buy a fare on their cards. Steve and Paul joined us for lunch at the table and afterwards Steve and Kathy caught up. It had been a long time since they had seen each other. I’m looking forward to having many others over for a Sunday lunch and a walk on the beach.

It’s been a blast getting out with my camera and waBeachlking the beach and neighborhood looking for new photo opportunities. A simple glance at the beach might make you think that the opportunities for a wide range of shots would be limited. There are no two waves, grains of sand, objectsSeagull 1 on the beach, or people playing/enjoying themselves the same. Add to that, the sunsets, when the cloud cover is gone, are deliciously different each evening. It all adds up to a wonderful array of possible photos every day.

That’s it for this entry. I hope you’ve all been exercising body and mind, remember, they are the only ones you will ever have. Take care of them and they will take care of you. Have a great week all.


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