What Writing; Moving Again; Photo Walks; Friends and a Birthday Party

Sunset 1“What writing?” is certainly the appropriate phrase for any work I may have done this week. All I’ve managed is an update to this webpage about a trip to Egypt some time ago with friends. Research and editing have also taken a back seat. All because an opportunity for a new adventure arose suddenly and preparing for and starting it have taken up the bulk of my time these days. I’m hoping to rectify the situation in the next few days and get back to work on the historical crime fiction novel I have started work Sunny Day at the beachon. The research alone and the things I’ve learned about the time period involved has captivated me and I’m anxious to get back to it. I will be visiting the local historical society in a little over five weeks and I imagine I will become enamored of their archives also. I’m still waiting for the edits from my friends on book #3, not that this statement is meant to rush them in any way. Take your time dear friends; I need your superb help.

Apartment 4My latest adventure is a move out of the apartment I have loved so much for the last six years to a new place right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. If I walk across the street, I have sand beneath my feet and the beautiful blue Pacific stretching to the horizon. The physical aspects of moving were incredibly easy. For the unbelievably low price of $263, a man came one day and packed everything packable into cardboard boxes they supplied. The next day, four guys in a big truck showed up and wrapped all my furniture in blankets and bubble wrap. They then loaded everything into the truck, hauled it to the new place, and lugged everything Apartment 3up to the third floor (except for my two big couches, which had to be pulled up by rope and brought through my terrace windows). They unwrapped all the furniture and put what was taken apart back together. The move, including the drive took a little over six hours. I’m very happy with their work (only one broken wine glass (a cheap one) in the whole process.

Sunset 6My new place is a bit smaller than the last but that’s fine with me. The ocean view, ease of cleaning, and lower rent have made it all worthwhile. It also gave me a chance to get rid of a bunch of old crap that I had no use for other than the fact that I inherited my mother’s packrat tendencies.Man with dogs 1

As you can imagine, my photo walks will take on a new theme. Parks and lawns loaded with flowers are rare in my new neighborhood. On the other hand, the beach and ocean are only a few steps away and I am looking forward to exploring them often to see what gifts are offered up each day with the ebb and flow of the tides. The streets are loaded with exciting new things to experience when I choose to indulge my love for street photography and there is some interesting architecture to be discovered.

Kite Flyer 2Due to a multitude of reasons other than my move, I haven’t had much time to spend with or catch up on any of my friends. The one social event I was able to attend, a birthday party for my friend Jim Nazarkewich, was amazingly attended by most of my friends here in Peru. Mark, Aaron, Dario, Remy, Jamie, Ada, Azaad, Natalie, Mahlon, and Gonzalo were a few of the many who showed up for the party. The rum and food flowed freely as we took over Café Colombia, a quaint little bar in Miraflores. I even managed a Sunset 4dance, which should tell everyone one who really knows me how much rum I had that night. It was a great time. Now that I’m all settled in from my move, I hope to resume my coffee and chats as well as other get togethers with friends here in Lima.

Well, despite the long delay in a new post, that’s all there is folks. I hope you have a great week and remember, “Exercise body and mind.” They are the only ones you will ever have.


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