Writing, a new book & the old books; Painting Again; Photo Walks

The JugI didn’t let the cold interfere with other projects this past week. Although the cough due to sinus drainage has managed to hold on longer than I like, I’m feeling great now and plan to resume all normal activities starting tomorrow. While I wait for my editors to get back to me Mumswith their ideas and comments on book three, I continue to work on the fourth book. I’ve written up short sketches for five of the main characters. I still have a few more of those to do. I’ve also edited those 1500 words that I’d already written and started work on chapter two. I’m hesitant to get too much into the book until after I’ve dealt my editors dissertations on book three. Still, I am excited about this fourth book and it will be a true mystery. The reader will not know “who done it” until the end of the book. I’ve also decided that I need to plug my first two novels again. Sacrifice: The Prince Charming Murders and The Suitcase Murders are both available on Amazon.com in print and for the Kindle. The links to purchase them are embedded in the titles, just click on My Paintingthem.

I finished work on the painting I started some time ago. It needed a few touches to Painting 2.1complete it. They only took about 45 minutes and I was able to sign it. The next day I started another new one, it will be a seascape. Both of them will have been done in acrylics, a medium that I am not that fond of working with. Acrylics dry to quickly and it makes blending a real chore. I chose to work with the medium to help myself get back in the stroke of things. After I finish this one and maybe one more, I’ll switch to oils. Oils will require a more complicated set up but I’ll be Roseable to achieve the desired effects I am looking for a lot easier. I find that I am enjoying painting again. It’s taken awhile since the loss of my Mother to get back to this point. I just wish my Sister was here to paint with me again.San Luis

Several sunny days has allowed me to get out with my camera again for some new shots of the beautiful district that I live in here in San Borja, Peru. Those walks revived my spirits after my self-imposed lock up with the Peruvian version of a cold. We are having an amazingly nice winter for Lima. The temperatures have stayed in the 60s, both during the day and at night. In addition, the normally eternal cloud cover that lingers over Lima through its winter has been Peruvian Flagsinterspersed with more sunny days than I remember during the 6+ years I have been here. Thank you El Niño for the wonderful weather although, I’m not sure other parts of the world are so thrilled with it.Pay Phone

Having isolated myself over the past couple f weeks, I haven’t got much news on friends. I did enjoy a nice coffee and chat with my friend Bob this morning. We talked mostly about healthcare stuff and the upcoming festivities at his house. It was a great time before he had to head off to an appointment and I had to hit the store to stock up on supplies. Tomorrow, I’ll be meeting with Larry again and Flower 2then Mona and Kelly in the evening. I’m looking forward to both. I exchanged a couple of messages with my friends Kathy. She’s having a great time in the US and will be returning to Peru at the end of the month.Jungle Flower

That’s it for this post. I hope all of you are exercising body and mind. Every time I get sick, it reminds me how important it is to keep yourself in good physical and mental condition; especially as you get older. Get up, get out, and do it; you’ll never regret it. Have a great week everyone.


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