Starting the new book while waiting; Movie Reviews: Friends

WHite Bloom 1It’s been a tough week. It started out with me coming down with a cold or “El Gripe” as they call it here in Peru. Added to that is the stress of wondering what my editors will have to say about the book. All three have acknowledged receipt and that they are working on it. They’ve given absolutely no clues as to what they think so far. To distract Orange Flower Blue Skymyself, I’ve started working on my fourth book. This one, tentatively titled “Bone Gap, the Silk Ribbon Murder,” will be a new venture for me. A murder mystery that will take place in the surrounds of a small town in Southern Illinois called Bone Gap in the mid 1870s. I’ve begun working on some of the character sketches and accumulating the research I’ve done on the period and residents of the time into one place. I wrote 1500+ words as a start to the book some time ago but rereading White Lily 2those passages made me realize I will need to make some adjustments to the dialog. I’m excited about starting the actual writing again but I do want to spend some time with my characters before I do that. I want to know them well, especially any idiosyncrasies/quirks they might have. For example, my sheriff has a thing for Sherlock Homes, wants to be like him. Now, do I make this a comedic thing or something serious where he takes fiction and makes it reality in himself? I haven’t decided that yet.White Rose B&W

I saw two movies this week on which I want to comment. One was decent but the other was absolutely fantastic. The decent movie was “Spy” with Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, and Jude Law. A nice comedic romp that had me chuckling through most of the movie. Performances were good but Jason Statham made the movie for me. It was great seeing him in something other than his usual roles. I give this movie 4 Llamas on my scale but White Rose 2watch it without the kids. As with most of McCarthy’s work, the “F Bomb” seems to be an integral part of the dialog. The fantastic movie was “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” This movie had everything I love in a great movie. The all-star cast each offered up a tremendous performance. I cried, I laughed, and I never wanted it to end. I identified a piece of myself in every character in the film, which is more White Flowersprobably the reason I am going to give it 5 Llamas on my scale and would give it more if the scale went higher. See this movie, whatever it takes.

I haven’t had much time to keep up with friends this week. I had my coffee with Larry this past Friday but that was it. Kathy has commented on a couple of my posts this past week so I figure she’s doing fine back in the US. My friend Kano Red Bougtells me he’s about 70% recovered from his appendicitis surgery and my friend Dario has returned from his trip to Ireland. Although I wonder how much liver damage he accumulated from drinking all that Guinness. I think they probably asked him to leave the country as he was drinking up all their stock. His photos of Bushy Plantthe trip on FB are amazing. As far as I know everyone else is OK. Now I’m looking forward to another party at Bob and Silvia’s for the Peruvian Independence holiday on July 28th. Red and white are the colors for the party.

That’s it for another post. Thanks to the cold, I didn’t go out unless absolutely necessary. I’ll especially be glad to get back to the gym. Remember, exercise body and mind; you’ll never regret it.


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