Writing, in the hands of the editors; July 4th Party; Photography; Friends

The Cake 2At long last, my first round of editing is finished and I have sent the manuscript off to the three people I trust to edit it. Their skills and insight are remarkable and all three helped to make my first two books a better read. Although I know when I first read their Flower 3suggestions and comments, I’ll get angry and possibly downright apoplectic. How dare they want to change my baby? Don’t they see what I’m trying to say? After I set those anger issues aside for a few days, the more intelligent half of my brain will take over and I’ll see that most if not all their suggestions are valid and I will need to get to work on improving the book for a second, third, or even a fourth time. In reality, I Flower 1don’t think the editing process ever ends. It seems that even the most painstaking attention to minutiae will miss things. On every read through you will find something that can be stated more eloquently. Eventually we all have to Bon Jamiesay, “That’s enough! Time to put it in the hands of the readers.” But, while I wait for the return of my manuscript with the well thought out comments from my editors, I’ll start work on my next book and work on a few other projects to keep my frantic brain busy.

Jamie Me BobPhotography has definitely taken a back seat to my writing this past week. I barely made it out with the camera once in those seven days and I wasn’t satisfied with the results of that excursion. Winter has set in here in Lima and the number of hours that we see the sun is severely limited and usually only occurs in the afternoon. Once you’ve been stuck in a grey The Group 2environment for any length of time, that seems to take the joy out of the photo walks. Switching to black and white doesn’t help. The variation in the grey seems limited at best and most of the photos lack the kind of contrast I love. I’m hoping for a couple of sunny afternoons this weekend. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

HummusMy great (truly adorable) friends, Bob and Silvia Lowery, had a wonderful July 4th party this past Saturday for the citizens of the USA in our circle. The decorations were amazing and very much in the spirit of the holiday. Jamie supplied the meats for the party; hamburgers, hot wings, and a beef tip roast. Other quests brought dishes, we tookBread a potato and avocado salad, and as a result, the amount of food far exceeded the appetites of the guests that attended. The 4th of July Cake was the star of the show. Bob played hits from the 50s, 60s, and 70s to keep us in the spirit and lively conversation filled the air along with laughter. It was a great day.

Flower 2Friends are doing well. Larry and I continue our Friday morning coffees and chats. As with most meetings, the bulk of our conversation concerns our writing efforts. The rest cover politics, family, life in Peru, and anything else that crops up as a result of those. I also met Bob for a coffee here in San Borja this week. He had another appointment here. We had such a good time talking that he ended up late for his appointment, a truly Peruvian trait. Cocktails Flower 4with Mona and Kelly was a hoot as usual. Azaad and Natalie are back from a vacation to Colombia and I hope to see them during the Peruvian Independence Party. My friend Dario is in Ireland having a blast. I’m not sure there is any Guinness left from his posts on Facebook. Kathy is still in the US, guess she’s OK, haven’t seen a post yet.

That’s it for this week. Hope you are exercising body and mind. Get up, get out, DO IT; I promise you won’t regret it.


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