There’s Editing and then there’s EDITING; Peru and Fútbol; Movie Reviews; Photography

Manekin Head 2I finally finished the line by line editing of my 203 page first draft. Red ink filled the white spaces between each line of print and spilled into the margins. I managed the accomplishment in two weeks, which I think is pretty good. As a matter of fact, I was quite proud of myself. Then began the process of placing those changes, comments, EL 4rewords, scene additions, and removal of crap; you know, those sentences that make absolutely no sense on the read through. Thanks to my horrific handwriting, it used to be nice and neat not sure what happened, some of the process for change has proven to be a little more challenging than I anticipated. I muddle on through though, in the hopes that what I’m doing will improve the book and help me garner rave reviews from my hundreds Eye 1of readers. These first two phases of editing are the easiest for me. The real editing will come after I have sent the manuscript of to my trusted readers for comments and suggestions. Oh the pain and anger, every writer feels it when someone criticizes their baby. When I get those comments back, I read through them, rant in outrage at why they didn’t see the vision I was trying to express, and then set it all to the side. A week later, I’ll come back to them and in all probability, if the past is any indication, agree withTree Trunk over 90% of what they had to say. My editors are very very good. Then the process of real editing starts and it can be a killer.

In Peru, as in most of the world, Fútbol is the game. The past couple of weeks the Copa America has been a constant source of conversation in South America. For Peru, the big deal is that they made it all the way to the semi-finals to lose, in a Park 2much debated game, to the host country Chile. They will play against Paraguay for third place at 6:30 this Friday. It’s easy to tell when Peru is playing in a match. When they score, you hear the entire neighborhood screaming GOAL out their windows. It makes it quite exciting for this fútbol novice. It’s hard to not get swept up in the excitement of the local fans even if I don’t quite understand all the rules yet. Here’s hoping Peru wins Friday evening, I love hearing the excitement out my window.

I watched a couple of movies at home this week. The first was the new Mad Max EL 2movie. I was a huge fan of the three done with Mel Gibson too many years ago to think about. So, I was quite disappointed with this one. The action and cinematography were great and Charlize Theron was amazing in the film but I found the overall movie lacked something. For one thing, if I hadn’t watched the first three movies, I wouldn’t have know what was going on in the world created in this one. I give it 3 Llamas and a Cacti and Shellrecommendation to watch it at home. The second movie, Woman in Gold with Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds was decent. It tells the story of art stolen from a Jewish family by the Nazis and their ancestors trying to reclaim it. I give it 3.s Llamas (0.5 just for Helen Mirren) and a recommendation to see this one at home also.

Not much was happening with friends this week. A friend, who left Peru some years ago, Ben Jonjak, returned with his family for a visit. He joined Larry and I for coffee on Friday at Starbucks and expanded out normally wide range of topics even more. It was great seeingBicycle him again and we hope to enjoy a few more conversations with him before they head back to the US. I joined Mona and Kelly for cocktails Friday evening. They finally got their internet back. Otherwise, everyone is doing fine down here.

The photo walks continue to suffer as a result of my gym time and work on editing the book. I’m hoping that will be corrected in a week or so when I’ve sent the book off to my editors for the second edit. I did manage one short walk on Sunday but it seems that I’m having a harder time finding subjects that interest me. Maybe it’s time to do a little studio work. I’ll have to give that some thought.

Hope you all are exercising body and mind any way you can. It’s never too late to start, I’m living proof of that. Have a great week everyone and get creative.


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