Editing the First Draft; Photos and a contest; No Hot Water, OH NO!; Friends

Percy's 1The first run through to edit the book is going a little faster than I planned. However, highlighting mistakes and making notes in the margins is the easy part. When I finish this, the real work begins. That means; cutting out the bad, fixing the mediocre, addingLittle Girl Statue substance where it’s needed, fixing holes in the plot or story, and so much more. A perfect example of the process is my over use of the, “you crept up on me and startled me” start to a scene. I have eight instances of someone walking up behind someone in an office and startling him or her. All of them will have to go, which means I will have to rewrite those scenes with a different entrance (or possibly none at all) and a different reaction from the people involved. Fortunately, that’s the only thing I Rose Bud B&Wrepeated through the book. There’s a few gaping holes I need to fill and a couple of character names I mixed up or changed the spelling of halfway through the book, plus a timeline conflict that will need fixed. I’m thinking it might take a week or two of work, depending on the interruptions I have to deal with. Then, it’s one more read through for anything I Truckmight have missed. Once that’s done, it’s off the book goes to my editor friends for their comments and suggestions.

Broken Glass B&WWe’ve had a few nice sunny afternoons here in Lima lately so I’ve been able to get in a couple of good photo walks. The great news concerning my photography, I was awarded an Honorable Mention in an online photo contest put on by Exposure Gallery. I consider it a big pat on the back, especially considering the level of the 250+ works submitted by both professional and amateur photographers. The photo mentioned is posted in this entry (it’s the broken bottle in B&W). I think I’ll title it “Shattered Dreams,” since it was a liquor bottle. The mention was just the boost I needed to keep me entering contests and hoping I get some recognition for my artistic capabilities with a camera.Hibiscus

Food Truck 2My friends are all doing well. Coffee and chat with Larry last Friday was filled with lively banter on all manner of topics. My friends Bob and Silvia are in Brazil visiting Iguazu Falls, the photos are stunning. Steve is approaching his finals weeks with all the trepidation that accompanies events like that. As far as I know, Mona and Kelly are still without their internet, so I have no news on that front. My friend Mark is out of Peru again. The man is entirely too busy. Others are enjoying life and making the best of what the world has to offer.

We had a little fun here in the apartment last week. The hot water heater went out. I am not a fan of cold showers althoughYellow Hibiscus most Peruvians are. The cool part of the incident was the ease and cost of getting it Yellow and White Rosefixed. A man, who owns a small tienda (store) that fixes electrical things, came to the house to take a look. It took him about fifteen minutes to figure out the problem (a bad switch), twenty minutes to go get the part, and another twenty minutes to install it. Total cost S/.80 Soles or about $25 USD. I love the cheap cost of getting things fixed here in Peru. It amazes me every time.

Well, that’s it for another post. Hope you’ve been exercising body and mind, I need someone to commune with in my old age. LOL Have a great week everyone.


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