First Draft Finished, let the editing begin; Friends; Photo Walks

Coconut PalmFinally, a year and four months later the first draft of my latest novel is finished, now for the first edit. Never let it be said that I am a speedy writer. In all reality, the first edit has been finished already. I always go back, read what I’ve written the previous day and edit as necessary. So I 20150612_094542guess I’ll really be working on the second edit. I already know that there are some major fixes in store. I altered some of the story in the last few chapters, so I will need to go back and rewrite the necessary sections to accommodate those variations in my plan. I’ve combined the chapters into one document, backed it up in three places, and printed it out. I find it hard to edit on screen. I plan to read through the book, highlight areas that need work, take notes on any character development I may have overlooked, and circle any spelling or grammatical errors that need fixing. When I’ve gone through the book once, I will go in and fix the things I’ve found and then read it through one more time. If I Pink Rosefind more that need fixing, then I’ll fix those also. Afterwards, I will send the book to two people whose editing skills I trust. Once I receive their comments, I’ll set them aside for awhile to get over the anger (after all, my book was perfect). Once the rage has subsided, I will take their Golden Rosecomments to heart and fix what needs to be fixed. Then, it will go to one other editor for pre-publish read through and comments. Then comes either self-publishing or the other route if my book is picked up by a publishing house.

Orange FlowersDespite the fact that I find this part of the publishing process exciting, I am anxious to get started on my fourth book. I even started character and plot development while I was lying in bed for the last few nights trying to fall asleep. The new book will be a departure from the three book series I have been working on, it will be a murder mystery that takes place in the mid-west USA in the mid to late 1800s. I’ll have lots of research to do and look forward to getting lost in a cemetery or two as well as a few local Dwarf 1libraries.

My photography has been suffering for the past couple of weeks. Between finishing the book and the time I spend at the gym, it’s been hard to get out with my camera. Add to that, the fact that Lima’s thick winter cloud covering has arrived so that when I can get out, it’s slim pickins when it comes to good material. I’m hoping for a little sun this coming weekend, just a couple of hours, Dwarf 2preferably in the morning. Is that asking too much? The weather Gods here in Peru might say, yes it is.

Fridays word festival and coffee share with Larry was great as always. It amazes me that we come Rainy Morningup with so many different topics to cover, even after all these years. I had a nice lunch with Kathy on Sunday; well, it was a lunch anyway. The good part was getting to spend some time with my good friend before she heads back to the USA for a visit. I spent a good deal of time helping Steve with another paper that had to be submitted in English for a class at his University. He got to dress like a real civil engineer this week when they made a field trip to a concrete factory. Co20150612_094608cktails with Mona and Kelly were great as always. Gunshots in the background made me a little nervous but they were enjoying the nice warm weather on their patio and the sun made a showing between intermittent pillow clouds.

Well, that’s it for this week. Hope yours was as much fun as mine. Remember to exercise body and mind, they’re the only ones we will ever have and you need to take care of them.


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