The Very Last Words; Friends and a Party

Pink RoseI’m down to them, finally. The last words before the first draft of the book is done. Maybe five hundred need written to finish the last chapter and a thousand or so more for the epilogue. Although I think that all parts of a book should be good, for me, especially as a reader; if the beginning and the ending are outstanding, they will bring me back to an The Catauthor. In putting these final words to paper, I’m striving to make the ending to my book both exciting and conclusive. I dislike books that leave you hanging; fill in the blank; end it the way you want. None of that is for me. I want the author to take me on a trip. On an exciting voyage that concludes with all issues resolved. Of course, if you’re writing a series, I will forgive all that knowing Destruction 3that I will live on with the characters till you end that series.

When the first draft is finished, it has to sit to the side for a while. The books and other writers will tell you that this period should last for a month or two. I disagree with that. I’mDestruction 1 of the opinion that a week is plenty of time. Then, you can pull it down, read through it at your leisure, and make notes on things that need fixed. Fix the things you find whether it be grammar, spelling, holes in the plot, or fleshing out a character. Afterwards, ship it off to a trusted reader or three and give them all the time they need to read through and jot down any constructive Party 2comments they might have. Good friends who are good editors are hard to come by, especially when they are doing you a favor. In that respect, I have a few very helpful friends whose insight and comments have helped me take the books I have written to a new level, you know who you are.Party 5

I enjoyed coffee and chat with Larry this past Friday. I always enjoy talking with him, especially when it comes to the subject of our writing. Larry has been of immense help when I’ve been stuck in working my way through a minor plot in my book. I also joined my friend Kathy for a mediocre lunch at a new restaurant this past Sunday. She will be heading back to the US for a visit at the end of the month. She trucked over to San Borja and joined me at a café in La Rambla where we pretended to enjoy the food but had a great time catching up while we did it. My great friends Party 11Bob and Sylvia hosted another party this past weekend. They and a couple other friends watched a video on making “Beer Can Hamburgers” and immediately decided we needed to have a party to try it out. Jo, her husband Carlos and their baby, Jamie and Ada, and a few others attended the event. The hamburgers turned out nicely and everyone decided we Party 10should do it again. It was a great party with lively conversation and music from the fifties all the way through the seventies.

Short entry this week, my only other news being that I have returned to the gym now that the piriformis issue has subsided. I hope it stays away permanently. I hope all of you are exercising body and mind, if not, start now. The longer you wait the harder it gets. Have a great week all.


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