Writing, last chapters, epilogue?; Manuscript and Synopsis; Friends; Photo Walk

Fireman B&WI am seriously down to my last three or four chapters. The number depends on how much it takes for me to bring all the action to a successful conclusion. A question for those of you reading this, how do you feel about “epilogues?” Personally, I like them. I Yellow Roseenjoy having loose ends tied up this way. As I’ve said before, this is both an exciting and sad time for me. Finishing is always good but I will miss some of the characters that I have gotten rid of and now have to start the tedious process of editing, more editing, and more editing. Then I’ll send the manuscript to a some friends who will read it and make recommendations to improve the writing and correct any serious grammatical errors I may have missed. It’s a good three to four month process Red and White Rosebefore I can even think of publishing it. After that, I’ve already started my fourth book so I will need to get into it full time. Since it takes place in the 1870’s, I have a lot of research to do in the process.Pink Roses

I’ve mentioned the publisher that was interested in my first book. Well, I edited the manuscript to fit their requirements, made a few changes to the writing that needed done, and emailed it along with the synopsis to the company. They’ve acknowledged receipt and now the process starts that I hate the most, waiting. It brings up another issue also. Since I’ve self published the first two books, should I go ahead and self publish the third? Or, would it be Odd Flower 1better to wait and see if the publisher wants to publish my first novel, which makes me think that they would want to publish the rest. It’s a quandary no doubt. I’ll wait to make that decision when the time comes. For now, it’s all about finishing those last few chapters.Gold Fish

I managed to get in another good photo walk this past weekend despite life’s little distractions. I’m pleased with most of the shots I captured. The photos in this post are a few of the ones I took. I hope you all like them. I can’t imagine going out without a camera. Fortunately, these days with the excellent cameras in cell phones and my three wonderful Canons, I don’t have to worry about it. GardenI’ve always got something with me to try and get that perfect shot.

This past week I’ve been helping my friend Steve polish up his class assignments that have Fire Rose 3to be submitted in English. I am starting to learn far more about Civil Engineering than I ever wanted to know. The pleasant part of helping him was my chance to reread The Old Man and the Sea. It’s probably been over 50 years since I read it the first time and I had forgotten the powerful imagery used by Hemmingway in telling the story. I think I need to pull out some more old classics and reread them. I met Larry this past Friday for coffee and chat here in San Borja. We always have such a good time exchanging thoughts on all manner of topics without judgment. He has Cactus B&Wa brilliant mind and never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge on various topics. That evening I rejoined Mona and Kelly for cocktails on the patio via Facetime again. We caught up on family and friend stuff and made a tentative schedule for my visit in October.Boquet

Well, that’s it for this week. I am still keeping up my physical and brain exercises. They seem to be working for me. I hope you are putting in some effort to keep yourself mentally and physically fit. You will not regret it. Till next time, have a great week everyone.


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