Writing and Publishers; Photo Walks; Going Home; Friends

Foliage Color 2I have to admit that my writing suffered this past week. A mere 1800+ words added to the book. I am on chapter 69 now and hope to get it finished by the end of the week. Some odd and fantastic news has will delay my writing for a few days. I submitted a portion of the manuscript od TheMorning Bloom Prince Charming Murders to a publishing company over two years ago. They responded that they had received my submission and would get back to me with a decision. So much time passed that I forgot that I had made the submission and after a year or more of halfhearted responses from publishers, I decided to self-publish through Amazon. It was a great experience, it got my book out there and I received some great reviews.

Red Flowers an one whiteTwo years and two months later, I get an email for the company telling me that my partial manuscript had received a thumb up from the slush pile readers, was I still interested, and a list of questions followed. I answered the question while pondering White Flowers Blue Skywho these people were (I didn’t remember sending the partial to them at this point). Next, I get a letter asking me my I hadn’t submitted the full manuscript as requested. With a quick exchange of emails, I discover that the original request probably went to my spam folder.

Shoe SHineOK, I can let that pass and they answered my one important question, “Do you care if I have already self-published the book?” Their answer, “No, we do not.” So, I spent yesterday and part of today getting the manuscript into their requested format plus polishing up the two page synopsis I had written over two Reach for the Skyyears ago. I still have another days worth of work to do on the manuscript and I will send both off as requested. I am both excited and nervous. I hope this works out but I have learned not to take rejection personally. The thing I want any of you who need the encouragement to take away from this is, never give up!

I did get in a couple of nice photo walks this past weekend. It felt good to get out Purple FLowers 2with my camera again. Both days the sun graced us with its presence although, it did play a bit of hide and seek with the clouds throughout the day. I walked a couple of my old routes and still managed to find a few new and interesting things of which to take photos. You can tell that I Pink Roselove taking pictures of flowers but that doesn’t mean I don’t love doing all forms of photography. If I had the money, I’d love to set up a studio and do work of a more artistic nature, meaning abstract and playing with different forms of light. Oh well, maybe in a different lifetime.

Some more great news, I found an excellent price on roundtrip tickets to the US this past week. They were $1200 less than what I had been seeing for the past few months. So, after checking with my Sister and Mona, I will be returning home for my usual October vacation this year. I’m very excited about it. I love News Stand 1being able to see all my friends back in Southern Illinois and I especially happy to be spending a couple of weeks with my amazing Sister.

My friends here in Peru are all happy, perky, and saucy. I had my usual coffee and chat with Larry this past Friday. It had been a couple of weeks so we had a lot of Marathon 2catching up to do. Bob and Silvia were in San Borja on Sunday and invited me to join them for a coffee and snack at Sarclettis. It had been a few weeks since I had seen Bob but months since I had enjoyed Silvia’s vivacious company. It was great seeing them again and we had a great time chatting it up there at the restaurant. The same Liliesmorning, I dragged myself out of bed very early to cheer my friend Dario on in the half marathon he was running in. They passed right up Av. San Borja Sur, which is only a couple of blocks from my apartment. I was amazed at the number of runners. Dario told me later that over 14,000 were in the race. Naturally, it wouldn’t be Friday evening without joining Mona and Kelly forMarathon 1 cocktails on their patio via Facetime.  Good laughs and warm fuzzy feeling made it a great evening. It’s too bad our internet connection was so bad.

That’s it for this week. The post ended up a little longer than I had planned. I hope you all are exercising body and mind. I am and I can tell it’s making a difference both mentally and physically. Have a great week everyone.


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