Writing and the Blank Page, the Avengers, Friends?

Rooster TailAll writers fear the dreaded blank page. That empty feeling you get when you have to come up with that first sentence. You know the story you want to tell, you have the characters built, and MF 6the chapter is outlined. But, that first sentence, the one that gets your reader going; it can be so elusive. I had this problem Tuesday morning. I got up, made my coffee and set at the keyboard full of expectations. This was going to be an exciting chapter to write. I typed in “Chapter 68,” hit return, and stared at all the white in front of me. That lasted for fifteen minutes, and then my thoughts started to drift. Maybe I should check Facebook, did I turn off the stove, I wonder if The Big Bang is on, and a thousand other musings. Ten minutes later, my mind wandered back to all the white on the screen in front of me. And so it went for the next hour and a half, until I finally gave up and MF 5decided to go to the gym.

When I doing my cardio workout (which I hate), I usually ponder a wide assortment of things trying to distract myself from time. Things like, how could I MF 4become Emperor of the World, what would I do if I were Emperor of the world, what super power would I like to have, what would I do if I had it, and I’m embarrassed to say that some of my thoughts on these heavy matters are very dark. But, Tuesday morning was different. The minute the treadmill started, I immediately thought about the chapter I was trying to write and not only did that first sentence come to mind but all the things that I wanted to say followed like a flood. I only hoped I could MF 2remember it all till I finished my workout and sat in front of the keyboard again. I’m happy to say I did and Chapter 68 is completed and I’m ready to start the next one. I’m just hoping that the big white page doesn’t intimidate me again.

I went to see the Avengers’ second movie this past weekend with my friend Steve. I must say,MF 1 despite some bad reviews that I had read, I was very impressed. My favorite thing about the movie, James Spader was the voice of Ultron. He’s one of my favorite actors and he makes such a deliciously evil character in the TV series, The Blacklist. The movie delivered on all fronts for me. There was lots of action, a great story line, wonderful new characters, and superb special effects. I’ll give it 4 Llamas on my scale with a definite recommendation to see it on the big screen.

Cactus Flower 2My friends – what friends – I didn’t have a coffee or get to visit with a single one this week (Steve doesn’t count). Work, previous obligations, and visiting family where just a few of the reasons they gave for canceling. I do know that everyone if fine though and I’m grateful to Facebook and other social sites for keeping me up with their shenanigans.

That’s it for this post. My photo walks have suffered due to my schedule at the gym. But, I’m feeling a lot fitter and I hope to get in a couple of good ones this coming weekend. Keep exercising body and mind folks. You’d be amazed at how quickly those two can suffer when you don’t. Love you all and have a great week.


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