Bad Guys and Endings; Art Supplies; A Friend’s Book; The Gym; Friends

Barranco Corner B&WThe good guys have their plans and now the bad guys have theirs. The end is finally coming together nicely but I still have one major issue that I haven’t resolved in my head yet. Like it or not, I love my bad guys as much as I do my good guys, after all, Lima Fogif they weren’t being bad there would be no need for the good guys. I am on the fence about whether or not one of them is going to die. If they do die, I know how but I’m not sure I want that to happen. When you have an evil character that’s just as smart or smarter than you’re hero (think Moriarty and Holmes), I think most authors would be loathe to get rid of them. Especially id they are writing a series. I still have time to consider it. There are a few more chapters to write before Pink RoseI need to decide. Although I thought my writing would suffer this week, I finished chapter 65, started and finished chapters 66 and 67, which adds up to 3,500+ words and that makes me very happy.

The thing that I thought would slow down my writing turned out to be a non Hippie Livingsequitur. My friend Amanda´s book was such a thriller that I could hardly put it down. I read her first draft, offered up some comments, pointed out a few errors, and sent them off yesterday. She had already fixed some of them and will give others a think through on their points. In going through a first draft of anyone’s work, Electric Lily 4I never suggest changes to plotlines or characters. It is after all their story and their novel. At the worst, I would simply say, “This doesn’t work for me,” and let them go from there. I would hope that anyone sending out a first draft would be sending it to a few trusted readers and would assimilate all comments before making a decision. I know that I do, although, I give more weight to some readers opinions than others. That has mostlyPale Plant to do with the other person also being a writer.

I’ve made it through my third full week at the gym. It’s been exhausting, painful, and yet glorious. I’ve lost 7 kilos (a little over 15 lbs) and significantly increase my strength. I’m a little surprised at those results considering my advancing age but very happy that I got them. The important part now is to stay injury free and keep up my pace till the end of the year. Then, I will reevaluate my workout schedule and see if I can Street Artjust go into maintenance mode.

I finally made it over to Miraflores for the art supplies I needed, 4 tubes of paint, two brushes and two canvases. I was pleasantly surprised at the cost of the material compared to what artists in the states are paying now. Prices here for all items were at least 60% cheaper here in Peru. I have to admit, I was surprised by that.

It was a great week for meeting up with friends. Last Friday, I enjoyed cocktails on The Boysthe patio with Mona and Kelly. I got to hear about the last day of their vacation and the stuff that’s been going on in Southern Illinois. On Saturday, I met up with Larry and the elusive Mark Kennet (he was finally back in Lima, such a busy guy) for coffee and chat. Before they showed up, my good friend Dario stopped in to enjoy a coffee with me before they came. He ended up sticking around for the full event Convolutedand we all had a classic time discussing the issues we care about. Afterwards, I taxied into Miraflores to have lunch with Kathy. We had an excellent time and enjoyed a few good laughs together. She went to the art stores with me after we enjoyed a very hedonistic dessert. I felt like I could treat myself after being so good for the last three weeks.

Well, that’s it for another post. Life is good here in Lima Peru or at least I am enjoying it. Which, brings me to my mantra – I hope you all are exercising body and mind, it’s so important to a long healthy and active life.


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