Writing to the End; Prices in Peru; Photography and my Walks; Friends

Whose that in the mirrorThe trouble with having many plot lines in a book, at some point you have to bring them all to a conclusion. Therein lies another of the issues in finishing the book I am currently writing. I know the ending, I know the plot lines, and now I need to bring them all together in an ending that satisfies not only me but also my readers. I added another 2,500+ words this week and I’m nearing the end of chapter 65. The Major Crimes Night SkySquad is plotting out its course of action now that the suspects are in sight. After that, the bad guys get their turn to think their way out of the situation they realize is on the way. I will be slowing down a little on the writing; I’m also in the process of reading the first draft of a friends new novel. She’s asked for general comments on readability, comments on historical Three WHite Flowersfacts, and my thoughts on the ending. So far, I am impressed and the story has me hooked. It will probably take me a week to finish it and get back to her with my thoughts.

In my last post, I talked a little about my life here in Peru. In this post, I am going to lament Dragon's Eyeabout the increase in the cost of living since I moved here. The Peruvian Government and the Ministries involved would like up to believe that inflation here is going up at around 2% – 2.5% a year. What a load of horse crap! I’ve lived here for six years now and the price of an apartment here has increased anywhere from 110% to 700% depending on the district you want to buy in. Rents have gone up 30% – 100%. Food has been just as outrageous. I have been keeping track and here are some examples (Bottled Water – 58%, Fruit & Vegies – 20%, Chicken – 32%, Fish – 44%, Bread – 50%, and Sodas – 65%). Gas, although having dropped due to the recent drop in the price of oil, was just as bad. Taxi fares have Palmtree Walkgone up, although, this one doesn’t bother me too much. I understand inflation, I just wish government agencies would quit lying about it. I can’t imagine how much things have really increased in the US. Of the six years here, my Social Security has gone up 2%, 2%, 3% and 2.5% with no increase for two years.

I’ve had to reduce my photo walks to one or two a week and they will be on the Rose 1weekends. My current schedule at the gym has me going Monday through Friday from 12:15 – 2:30 PM and until I get myself in better shape, it’s exhausting. Now that we are well into Fall though, the walks are more pleasant and I am able to wander into some new areas to try and get more interesting photographs. Many friends have flattered me over the course of my adventures with my camera by requesting permission to use them as screen savers as well as permission to print Jungle Delightand frame a few. Having my camera with me on my walks always makes me more aware of my surroundings and the many beautiful scenes that I pass every day. Try it, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Once again, I don’t have much to talk about where my friends are concerned. I had severalElectric Lily 3 evening cocktails with Mona and Kelly while they were in Mexico. They certainly had a good time and enjoyed every minute of their stay. The weather was beautiful the whole time they were there and Kelly got in three good rounds of golf. They both exercised every day and were not looking forward to going home in the end. I enjoyed coffee with Bob and Larry last Friday. Bob joined us for a short time before he had to head over for another of his appointments. The usual assortment of topics Secret Doorwas covered in the brief time we had. Larry had to leave a little early also. He and his wife Lucha were off to a medical conference at El Pueblo, a resort out by Choclacayo. I imagine I will get to hear all about that at our next meeting. Everyone else is fine, thank you FB for letting me know that. Thanks to FB’s new tool, the friend I have in Bhutan (it’s very near Nepal) was able to let everyone know that he and his family were OK.

That’s it for this week. I hope everyone if exercising body and mind, get up, get out, do something. Don’t forget to strap on your creative side and take care of the spiritual you. Have a great week all.


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