Writing and Getting to the end; Life Here; Testing Webpages; The Gym; Gatherings with Friends

Fuzzy 1In my last post, I moaned about my frustration and sadness at getting near to the end of the book. Sorry to say, I’m still dealing with it but I am making progress. I finished another chapter this past week, the longest I have written to date, and started a new one. I’ve added another 1800+ words to the book and I’m on a roll. Some of the books I’ve read recently, seem to end with more of a Yellow Leaveswhimper than a bang, did I really use that cliché? I’m hoping to avoid that fate with my book, which makes writing the last chapters even more difficult. I will not only end the book with an exciting finish, I hope to keep the reader on the edge of their seat till the last sentence. That’s my goal anyway and I will devote all my abilities to accomplishing it. This helps to add a little excitement to the actual writing and keeps the melancholy of finishing the Strange Fruit 2book at bay. The chapter I am working on now deals with a ritual sacrifice and visions that a woman will see in her quest to escape her life without consequences. I will pull the description of these scenes from the experiences of some friends.

Life in Lima Peru, in some senses, flows like a slow moving river. My days are filled with little Hyacinth 3routines, writing, painting, coffees or lunches with friends, and the occasional photographic outing. I write till the words quit coming easy, I dabble at my canvas, I meet with friends and chat at leisure; I walk with my camera with no sense of time, looking for that perfect shot. It’s all so Parisian in a way. The traffic here in this megalopolis can belie that fact though. I never drive; the rules of the road are far too loose here. At least the ones the drivers adhere to seem that way. Their idea of Deep in the Woodspersonal space flows over into their driving habits. There have been times when I’ve taken a taxi and I swore there was no way he could maneuver through the maze of cars in front of us. But, he did, and at times with barely a hair’s width between cars leaving me breathless and high on adrenaline. It’s taken time but I’ve gotten used to it. Now, I lean back, close my eyes, and spend the time in meditation. You should come to Lima and experience it, others have said it’s like a wild carnival ride.

I’ve given up my rodneydodig.com webpage. It got too expensive for me to maintain. I’ve tested out three of the free ones BOP 1(wordpress, blogspot, and tumblr), and wordpress has won out. It proved to be easier Trees in Parkwhen placing photos in text and that is an important point to me. I also liked their themes better and they have a “Like” function much like the one in Facebook. I’ve placed three posts on it prior to this one and have gotten several likes and three people following this webpage already. The monitoring tools are basic but they fit all my needs and if I choose to upgrade, it’s only $18 a year for the Premium product.

Cactus FlowerI’ve finally returned to the gym also, and have made it five out of the last seven days. I still hate it but do realize that exercise is an important aspect of life if you want to maintain an active lifestyle throughout your years on this little blue ball in the big universe. Gold’s gym added another three months to my expiration date since I had missed so much this year. The last time I Color Accent Flowersrenewed, they gave me an extra 8 months. That and the fact that the gym here in San Borja is excellent are the two reasons I stay with them. I’m hoping I stay injury free and can keep up this pace till December when this membership expires.

My friends around the world all seem to be doing well. This past Friday I enjoyed coffee with my friend Bob and Larry. Bob joined us for a bit before another of Courtyardhis dental appointments. We enjoyed lively conversation before and after his departure. Although I’m enjoying not having to travel to Barranco for the coffees, I miss traveling to Barranco for the change in scenery. Quite a conundrum isn’t it. I’ve enjoyed cocktails with Mona and Kelly on the balcony of their hotel in Cozumel, Mexico. In truth, they had to retreat inside the room, the WiFi wasn’t strong enough Flower 1outside. They’ve had perfect weather, Kelly’s enjoyed a couple of rounds of golf, Mona has hit every shop in the small town looking for souvenirs they haven’t purchased in previous visits, and cocktail hour is anytime they feel like it. At times, I wish I was there with them. I haven’t seen Kathy in a couple of weeks. I should get hold of her this weekend for a coffee or Yellow Flower 1something. Mark has been back to Mexico on business and is now getting ready for a biking adventure in the Sacred Valley. All the others are maintaining their busy social lives and enjoying life to the fullest no matter where they are in the world.

Well, that’s it for this entry. I hope all of you are exercising body and mind. Keep busy, enjoy every moment, you never know when it will be the last one. Have a great week everyone.


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