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Peru Horseback WriterWOW, who would have thought I would have taken such a long time to update this webpage? But, that’s how it goes sometimes. I have been in a funk when it comes to putting something together for posting and everything I put up sounded so repetitive. At long last though, I have things worth sharing, so here we go.

I’ve made significant progress on my latest novel, no title Machu Picchu Dooryet, but I’m thinking “Chanan Tik Tayta Mans, Map to the Gods.” If you have an opinion on that leave a comment, please. I am presently finished up through chapter 37 and have a few paragraphs down on 38. That puts me at 74,000 words so far. I’m thinking that I’ll reach the end in about five to ten more chapters. I´m averaging about 2,000 words a chapter at this point. The villain is starting to feel the heat and that’s bound to force him to make mistakes which will Colca Canyon 1get him caught.

I’m very pleased with my storyline so far and my grammar editor thinks I have another winner in the works. This book will delve into two of my favorite subjects, archaeology, and murder most foul. It starts out at Goods for sale 2the ancient Incan site of Machu Picchu and will end in the Imperial City of Cusco, the old capital of the Incan Empire.

Photography has been a lot of fun lately also. I’ve been working my way up in Guru’s standings and have made it to Veteran as of a week ago. Still have a ways to go to get to Guru Little Girls Perustatus but I’ll keep clicking away. I’ve tried to expand my subject matter but other than doing studio work, my opportunities are limited here in La Molina. I have been revisiting photographs from my travels here in Peru though and have done some work to sharpen them up. I have arranged them in this post and your comments on them are welcome also.

As for news on my life as an Expat here in Lima, I’ve decided to buy an apartment this year. It will happen sometime in November after one of my annuitiesVolcano Arequipa 2 matures. For now, we are scouring the ads for new and old ones that will suit our purposes. It must have at least 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a guest bathroom, a garage, plus be a minimum of 100 sq meters (approximately 1,000 sq feet) in size. We are finding lots of alternatives. Lima continues to be Lima. Fall has arrived, the traffic gets worse every year, and the humidity sucks. But, I still love it here and the challenges of living in a foreign city keep life interesting.

Volcano ArequipaWe’ve had our usual number of small tremors since I last wrote and the recently elected president has resigned under pressure from an investigation into corruption at all levels of the government, present, and past. A man (Canadian) was hanged for murdering an indigenous leader (a woman) of the Shipibo tribe in the jungle. A fine example of vigilante justice taking place away from the big cities. There is some doubt with the authorities as to his actual guilt. In certain areas ofColorful Dancers 1 Peru, all foreigners are looked at with a great deal of suspicion.

My friends here in Peru are all doing fairly well. Only my dear friend Bob has been having some serious health issues. He’s been in and out of the Sunset Beams 1hospital far too often and I am starting to worry about him. Due to issues I don’t care to go into, I haven’t been able to make it to as many meeting with the gang at the Bodega Verde as I would like. When I do, it’s fun and the conversations are always titillating. We’ve added two new members to the group, Vincent Turfano and Scott Wagner (when he’s in town). Cocktails with Mona and Kelly on Friday evenings are still a regular event. Kelly was able to attend The Masters this year, he said Sunset 3it was one of the highlights of his life. He’s a good golfer himself and having three days to wander around that course was amazing. Kathy is her usual affable self. We’ve enjoyed our Sunday morning coffees and chats, but they have been cut back also. Everyone else is doing great, especially my family back in the states. I’m looking forward to going home in October and seeing my friends in Southern Illinois again.

That sums up my three-month absence pretty much. Again, I apologize for the time away. I hope all of you have been staying active physically and mentally. Use it or lose it, as the saying goes and the older you get the more important that statement becomes.


Writing, a serious slow down; Photography, doing better; Expat Life; Friends and Family

BirdSeriously, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I posted anything to this web page. I guess I can blame part of it on the holidays, part of it on not having much to say, and part of it to sheer laziness. The sad part is, I’m not sure it’s going to get much better. We’ll just have to wait and see if any excitement is added to my weekly routine.

Progress on the new book slowed to a crawl since the last post. I’ve Succulentonly completed three chapters, finishing 18 – 20, and gotten a good portion of chapter 21 started. If there’s any good news to this, these chapters were significantly longer than the previous ones. I can certainly blame the holidays for a small part of it but I’m definitely disappointed with my productivity when it comes to putting words to paper.

G2 Yellow Orange FlowersI also dealt with the editing suggestions from Mona in the first eleven chapters and have sent off chapters 1 – 20 for her to read over, correct, and return to me. In addition, there was some significant time spent on research into Marshal Arts and how to write a fight scene. Going forward, there is nothing on the horizon that should slow me down in the coming months. So, it’s time to get back in the saddle and let the words flow like a river.

Photography on the other hand, has been a bright spot in the last G2 Sunflowermonth. I’ve made it out for more photo walks and I’m enjoying entering some of my work into GURU´s photo contests. The exposure will be nice and seeing the work of the truly great photographers out there will help me to improve my own work. In addition, exposure on the Tumblr social media site and getting support from the amazing photographers I have met there has given me the confidence to branch out into other areas over the next few months.

Snake Woman 2Expat life in Peru is exciting over the holidays. They brought Christmas in with a bang as usual. Fortunately, the fireworks only lasted till 00:20 in the morning so I was able to get some sleep. I got a couple of nice presents and Steve and I had a wonderful lunch together. Then came New Years Eve and we got to repeat it all over again. I know that I mentioned Lima’s traffic in my last post but it’s not getting any better. Usually it slows down some over the holidays, not this year. Summer is upon us and the people whoSnake Woman 1 forecast for such things till us we are in a La Niña and summer temps will be 3 -5 degrees lower than normal. There will be no complaints from me it that turns out to be true. The bad part, my employee Paul took off on his one month paid vacation leaving me to clean this big place while he’s gone. It’s amazing how you get used to having things done for you over time. I will be the happiest person in Peru when he gets back.

26735247_10208596649073022_1862879560_oOn a side note, they opened a new gallery in Barranco right next to the Bodega Verde. One Saturday after our meeting, Larry and I wandered into it to check out the art. There are some incredibly talented artists here in Peru, as I have said many times in the past. I will be looking forward to seeing more artists on display there in the future.

I made it to a couple of the Bodega Verde meetings with my Dappled Rosesfriends this past month. It was great seeing all of them again and catching up. One meeting in particular brought a big crowd. Bob, Larry, Vincent, Scott and wife Kelly, Carlo and wife Lily, and myself took up a considerable amount of space. The only ones missing were Dario and 26655437_10208596647112973_481497880_oMahlon. Kathy and I met for coffee and chat a couple of times and Isabel was able to join us for a bit. Cocktails with Mona and Kelly were intermittent but always a blast. Everyone above had great holidays. Then, this past weekend my dear friends Lourdes and Tim came to Peru from Canada for a visit G2 Pink Rose 2bringing their new son Royce. It was wonderful to see them and meet the new addition to their family. He is an adorable child with the sweetest smile and loves Uncle Rod’s hugs and kisses.

Well, that sums up the month. I hope all of you managed to be more productive than me but still managed to get up, get out and have some fun. Till next time, remember to stay active mentally and physically.

Writing, the good, bad, and ugly; Photography, studio work; Expat Life, soccer, Spanish; Family and Friends

CentipedeHere I sit again, only this time it’s been almost a month since I posted anything to this page. For those who follow me on it, I humbly beg your forgiveness. Although, in all probability, my posts will not continue on a weekly basis. To be honest, there are not enough changes in my Monkeyseveryday life to keep it interesting on a weekly basis. This was the ugly part. LOL
Having said that, my work on the new book has had it’s good and bad days. I am now working on chapter eighteen. But the number of days that I have worked on the book since November 14th has been minimal and come in spurts. Research on the Inca Trail and other places where the book is taking place in now have taken up a lot of time. Because Sunflower 1of that research, I’ve added four new chapters in between my chapter eleven and what was going to be chapter twelve. I do consider that a good thing though and my character development is coming along nicely.

My friend Mona, who is doing grammatical errors on thePink Rose 1 first draft, has returned the first eleven chapters for me to fix. As soon as I complete chapters twelve thru twenty and send them off to her, I will go in and fix the things she has pointed out. The good news, I’ve glanced through them and there’s not a lot of changes to be made.

Monkey 2Photography, on the other hand, has been good since the last post. I’ve finally done some studio work with the black velvet background. To be honest, I’ve learned a lot about lighting, both natural and using lamps, in doing that project. Some of the flower and fruit work is in this post. In finishing that project, I decided to take a look at some of my older photos (non-flower types) hoping they would inspire me to look beyond the beautiful flowers that Boquet 3abound here in Peru. I’ve also included some of those in this post. I am still enjoying photo walks in my neighborhood but am thinking it’s time to expand outward into others.

Goats ans SheepLiving as an Expat has been exciting since my last post. Peru won (2 – 0) the second leg of their playoff against New Zealand and now have a slot for the World Cup to be held in Russia in 2018. It’s been some time since Peru made the cut, so the entire population is quite excited about their country’s team going to Oranges Grapes 2represent them there. I’ve also renewed my attempt to learn Spanish better using DuoLingo. I’ve just finished the sections on pronouns and past tense verbs. This is where I got hung up in the classes at ICPNA. I’m going to repeat these lessons till they come naturally to me. (i.e. La amo and Yo lo quiero; Yo lo quería and Yo la eliminé)

20171126_171008The best thing that happened here this past month was the annual Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by the incredible duo of Bob and Silvia Lowry. They are, without a doubt, the most incredible hosts. Thirty plus people showed up at their home on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, all bearing dishes to supplement the two delicious turkeys and mashed potatoes with gravy that the hosts Apples Banana 1provided. Every imaginable holiday dish graced the elegantly decorated table. I personally went into a food overdose after the party. I most assuredly ate far more than I should have but everything was so delicious, the temptation was overwhelming. Everyone left the party sated and the love shown among the friends invited was obvious from the first hug to the last.

Egypt 4I wasn’t able to attend any meeting with friends here in Lima during the month of November. Other things going on in my life kept me away. This past weekend, I finally made it to the Bodega Verde to meet up with the guys for coffee and chat. Sadly, only Larry and Vincent were able to join me. Still, the conversation was lively as usual with wide-ranging topics and a few laughs thrown in here and there. I also rejoined Mona and Egypt 2Kelly on Friday evening for cocktails in the living room. It’s winter there now, so no patio. It had been a month so there was lots to catch up on. Kathy and I were unable to meet on Sunday.Unfortunately, she as suffering from sinuses of the gripe. I think she is better now so I’m hoping we can get together for coffee this weekend. I got to catch up with a lot of my friends here in Peru at the TGD Dinner also. Everyone is doing great as are the members of my family that I have heard from.

That brings another post to an end. I hope it didn’t bore all of you too much. Have you been staying active and creative? I hope so. Use it or lose it; get up, get out and exercise body and brain. You’ll never regret it.

Writing, slow going and distractions; Photography, challenges; Expat Life, Halloween and a birthday; Friends and Family

23468221_10208271168216204_1353694154_oI’m not sure what happened since my last entry but entirely too much time has passed since I posted here. I could blame it on a lot of things but in truth there are times that I can’t seem to muster the enthusiasm I used to have for keeping this journal of my life timely and up to date. After almost three weeks, I’ve finally forced myself to sit here and take on the project on this fine Tuesday morning.

The work on my newest book has gone in spurts. I’ve managed to startYellow Daisies and finish chapter twelve and written about half of chapter thirteen. Besides my rather lazy attitude toward writing the past couple of weeks, it seems I can’t get through a paragraph without have to break off to do some research on one topic or Barranco Houseanother. I’ve moved the location of this book into Cuzco and Machu Picchu as well as several of the smaller towns in the area. Making sure that my description of the locations and activities there are accurate is a big project. I haven’t been in the area since 2010 and as with many places, a lot has changed since then.Money

Still, I’m pushing on. I have over twelve chapters lightly outlined in advance and am hoping the passing of the past weeks distractions will get me back into the writing mood. Macro RoseFriends and family, as well as my readers, help with this. Their encouragement keeps me tethered to the project and my goal of writing at least seven novels before something happens that might take away my ability to write.

The one thing that has been interesting in the past few weeks if photography. Facebook can provide inspiration in the area. There Purple Flowerseems to be a lot of “photo challenges” being passed around amongst friends. The latest, “7 days of B&W photos of your life, no people, no explanations” is the latest to be shared. I accepted the challenge from one of my friends but found the interpretation that many people had Orange Beauty 3on those words varied widely. I assumed that I was to take photos of things, places, events, etc. that took place in my everyday life. Others saw it differently and some even used photos that were taken by other people. The thing I like about the challenges is that they encourage people to look at their photography in a different manner.

Life in Peru has been interesting the last few weeks. Our fútbol23482917_10208271169096226_684344828_o team played the first leg of a World Cup qualifier against New Zealand. The game ended in a 0-0 tie which means that Peru will have to win the second leg here in Lima tomorrow to get into the WC. Everyone is nervous and 23483163_10208271171616289_1721490167_oexcited. Vamos Perú. I also got to experience another Halloween. There were huge groups of kids (accompanied by adults) roaming the neighborhood yelling out “Halloweeeeeen” as they passed every door. Unfortunately, I live in a third-floor apartment and I wasn’t about to run23469467_10208271170976273_1042154022_o up and down the stairs to hand out candy. That also meant I wasn’t able to get any photos of the little daemons in their costumes. I also had one of my best birthdays since moving here. Steve took my out for a great lunch followed by a movie, “Murder on the Orient Express,” a new version in theaters. Like all the White FLowerother versions, I loved this one and I hope they remake “Murder on the Nile” as well. Then it was home to a delicious birthday cake. I also received hundreds of loving birthday wishes from friends all over the world.

Due to projects and other distractions I didn’t get to spend asThe Group much time with friends as I do usually. I’ve had one Cocktails on the Patio with Mona and Kelly before we had to call off the meetings till after Thanksgiving. They are having a busy month with visitors and out of town commitments. I’ve also only made it to Flower in Vaseone of the meeting with the Bodega Verde Group and won’t be able to meet up with them again till December. It was a good meeting though with seven of us attending. I have managed to meet up with Kathy for a couple of coffee and chats. They were entertaining as always. My friends Bob and Silvia are back fromCacti their trip to the US. Bob got some great news from his physicians there on some recent health problems. Everyone else, including my family is doing fine according to FB.

Pink Rose 3So, another post comes to a close. I hope I caught you up on everything. I truly hope you have all been staying active mentally and physically. Use it or lose it as the saying goes, and that saying is even more pertinent as you age. Get up, get out, take up a mentally challenging hobby. Love to you all, I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you.

Writing, editing and moving on; Photography, flowers, and other things; Expat Life, the census and becoming accepted; Family and Friends

BirdIf you’re keeping up, you’ll notice that I didn’t get to a post last week. In all honesty, the week before was rather boring and I didn’t feel like I had enough to say. Plenty has happened in the past week to make this entry worth writing.

I printed out the first ten chapters, edited them on paper, andSunset 2 then wrote the chapter I needed to insert. Finishing that, I typed in the edits for the ten chapters and inserted the new one before sending off the eleven chapters to my primary editor who will check for egregious grammatical errors that I may have missed. While I’m waiting for her to return those, I need to start work on the next ten chapters. I have already done the minimal outline on what I want Yellow Roseto happen in each chapter to help me keep my storyline in focus. Now it’s just a matter of focusing on the work and trying to minimize the distractions. They are the bane of all writers’ existence, distractions. Especially those of us whose concentration can be so easily broken by the least little thing, “Ohhhh, look at the pretty butterfly.”

I’ve made it out for several photo walks over the last couple of weeks. Most of the shots I’ve taken are of flowers, but I Cactus 3have managed to a couple of birds, a sunset, and a couple other interesting shots. These walks help to keep me active as I am a naturally lazy person. Especially when it comes to exercise. The key to any success when you take a walk with your camera is to be aware of everything around you. Look at everything in your surroundings, really see it. You White Rose Macrocan’t let random thoughts distract you from the beauty that lies in every nook and cranny of our beautiful planet.

Peru took its national census this past week. The time leading up to it made for interesting reading on the social media sites. The word was put out that all citizens were required to remain in their homes from 8am until 5pm while census takers spreadWhite Rose 3 out across the land, knocked on doors and filled out forms. La Molina, the area where I live, looked like a deserted city. There were no cars on the streets and only an extremely rare taxi on the main thoroughfare. I figure the census takers had to have a way to get around. The time went smoothly for me. I had plenty of movies to watch and my writing/photography to work on otherwise. About midday, a couple of sweet courteous young women showed up at our door. The questions took about twenty minutes and they were gone.

Cactus 1We also had another quake this past week, a 4.7 that felt stronger to me. Fortunately, it was very short and I haven’t heard of any damage being done. On another note, there was an incident this past week that made me feel that I have become a part of this new neighborhood. A local merchant allowed me to take a purchase home withoutWHite Chrys paying since I had forgotten my wallet. He’s one of those people I say “Hi” to every time I pass his business and I have purchased a few things from him in the past. He told me, “Bring it the next time you come by.” That along with the greetings I always get from everyone makes me feel at home here.

I’ve met once with the guys at the Bodega in the past two weeks. Larry has returned from his visit to the US. He had a great time seeing his sons and their families. The Pink Roseconversation at the BV was wide ranging as always. Friday evening cocktails with Mona and Kelly was spiced up one of the Fridays by the attendance of our good friends David and Laura Chamness. It was a fun laugh filled evening and so good to see them. My friend Bob and his wife Silvia are in the US now. Bob got some great news from the doctors concerning ofGolden 2 couple of his health issues and they are now at Disney World celebrating. Dario hasn’t been in attendance for a while. He seems to be spending more time at the new Irish Bar in Miraflores, Molly’s. I heard it’s a great place and they have a pool table. I’ve met up with Kathy once since the last post here at Café Di. We had our usual great conversation. Jamie is still in the US but Ada has returned FOF 1to Lima. Natalie and Azaad seem to be enjoying their return to South Africa. Photos of them and Nadia show plenty of smiles. My family in the US is doing well. The Sorghum Fest at my sister’s place was a huge success again this year. The cousins all seem happy and the rest of my friends posts of FB paint a happy life.

Well, that’s it for another post. I hope all of you are healthy and happy. Remember to keep active mentally and physically. Move it or lose it, as the saying goes. Have a great week everyone.

Writing, more success; Photography, more walks; Expat Life, fútbol and weather; Friends and Family

Garden 2I’ve had another successful week at the keyboard. Several thousand words later, both chapters nine and ten are completed for the new Inca Gold Book. I’ve now printed those out and intend to make editing notes on those chapters after I do small outlines for what I want to include in the next five to 10 chapters. Once I finish the edit, I’ll send the file off to my friend Mona for grammar checks. In getting to this point, I’veGarden 3 made several decisions about how the structure of this book will be. For one, I have decided not to keep the murderer or his group a mystery. The thrill of this book will be like its predecessors, how will they get caught.

Every book I’ve written has taken a minimum of a year to write. I’d like to finish this one in less time than that. The key will be to minimize the distractions I allow to crowd into my Garden 4life. One other factor will be to maintain a strict writing schedule, even if the output is minimal at times. I also think that I’m going to have to spend a little less time on social media, in particular, Facebook and Tumblr. A good two and a half hours every morning is wasted on these two sites in particular. They have become my addiction. Unfortunately, both are my main venue for hawking my books and getting feedback on my photography.Garden 5

My photography outings have improved in the last week also. I’ve made a couple of nice walks with either camera or cellphone in hand for the sole purpose of taking photographs and am sharing some of them with you in this post. They are exclusively of flowers. I haven’t had time to go on a wide-ranging walk to find other subjects. That will come, just not this week.

CactusThis past week Peru’s fútbol team proved their skill to South America by making it to the next round of qualifying for playing in the 2018 World Cup. Next month they have to play in a wildcard game against New Zealand, then return to play against them again in South America to gain entryPalm Trees and blue sky to the WC. This past week, their game against Colombia sealed the deal when Peru fought them to a 1 – 1 tie. That game was broadcast on a huge screen in front of a large crowd just a block from my apartment. The enthusiasm of the crowd was boisterous to say the least. Spring in Lima is also settling in. We’ve had more sunny warm days that cloudy Pink and WHite 1chilly ones. I do love spring here with its moderate temperatures and hope we have another mild summer this year. Hot and humid tends to keep me inside too much.

Once again, there’s not much on the friend front. FridayRed Rose night cocktails was cut short due to some type of internet problem between here and North America. My internet and WiFi were working fine as was the two in Illinois. No clue as to why we lost and could not regain our connection. The short time we talked was good though, we managed to catch up on stuff that had happened in the past two weeks. I missed Saturday morning WHite Rose 2Coffee and Chat, I had other commitments in the works. Larry is in the states visiting his sons and their families. He’ll be gone for another week. The other guys are fine and having a good time according to FB. Jamie is back in the US, I think Ada went with him for part of the trip. Bob and Silvia are yellow Flower 1keeping up with social obligations. I did get to meet Kathy for our coffee and chat on Sunday. Great conversation but the venue left a lot to be desired. We met at Don Lalo’s, a place I had not frequented before. The service was terrible and the prices high, we will not be returning.

That’s it for another post. Remember to get up and get out. Move it or lose it. Read a book, take a painting class, work on puzzles – exercise that brain also. Have a great week all, hope to see you back here in seven days.

Writing, a better week; Photography, walks; Expat Life, apartment or house; Friends and Family

22140693_10208061005642271_559350986_oIt’s been a better week on the writing front. After my last post I was able to write my way into chapter nine where the story has shifted from the murder at an archaeological dig to problems in the major crimes squad. The plot is beginning to take on a more concrete form in my head. For all you out there struggling to write, take heart. Sometimes it’s just a matter of sitting down to the keyboard and pounding out Yellow Rosesome words and sentences that will lead you down the path of your goals. There is a plethora of helpful hints out there to help you get back in the grove if you are running into problems. Everything from taking a walk, moving your work to a coffee shop, adjusting your background noise, and many others that you can use till you find one that works.

Yellow LilyThis is the most unusual one that I have read about, a technique used by author Brian Moreland.

“Before bed, fill up a glass of water. Hold it up and speak anWhite Rose intention into the water. (Example: My intent is to tap into my creative source and write brilliantly tomorrow. I choose to be in the flow of my best writing. I am resolving my story’s issues as I sleep and dream). Drink half the water and then set the half-full glass on your nightstand. Go to sleep. When you wake up the next morning, drink the rest of the water immediately. Then go straight to your computer and write at least an Pink Rosehour without distraction. This may seem a bit out there, but give it a try. It works! Do this technique for three nights straight. It gets me out of my writer’s block every time, often the next morning and definitely within 72 hours.”

If you have a technique that works for you, please share it in the comments.

It was a better week for my photography also. For the moment, it was simply outings Flower shop 2through my local parks to take flower photos and look for other interesting subjects. I need to start work on the set up for doing some studio work. I have purchased the two yards of black velvet I need for the backdrop. Now I need to build a type of open box to hold it where I can place the subject of the photos I want to take. Wish me luck.

Flower Shop 1Part of living as an expat is the decision you need to make on whether to buy or rent. I moved to Peru with the intention of renting and not having the problems you have when you own property. Now, having lived here for over eight years, I have changed that decision and decided to purchase a place to live. This means that I will have to decide between buying an apartment, a house, or buying land and building a house. For the moment, I’m leaning towards the latter. Having a homeWhite flower with rain drops built to my specifications would be nice. Also, for a small increase in price, I can have a big boy house. People who live in Peru will understand that reference. The bad part of my decision, we will have to move out of Lima to be able to find land and labor that will accomplish the goals. The current pick is a planned community on the outskirts of Cieneguilla. It will be a year Spring Bouquetbefore my investment matures and allows me to withdraw the money, so there is plenty of time to think all this through.

Not a lot on the friends front this week. I met up with the Bodega Verde gang this past Friday. Larry, Vincent, Carlo, Mahlon, and I had lively conversations on a lot of topics.Orange Flower Vincent had just finished reading my first book, Sacrifice: The Prince Charming Murders and offered up an excellent review of the book to the group. Vincent is an author in his own right with a book titled, Empires of Gold (available on Amazon), under his belt. It is historical fiction that takes place shortly after the arrival of Lavender flowerthe Spanish. After that, I had a bout with a three-day flu which kept me from meeting up with Kathy this past Sunday. My friends Bob and Sylvia threw an amazing themed (Hippie Party) birthday party for Bob. Unfortunately, I did not attend but it looked like they had a lot of fun from all the photos on Facebook.

I also want to give a shout out to my excellent friend and ex-Purplecoworker, Tim Moloney. He’s a couple of years younger than me but he and a bunch of his CB Radio buddies volunteered to go to Puerto Rico to help set up communications on the island. They left last week on what he called, “one last great adventure.” I know they will be out of communication for most of the time they are there so I’m sending prayers to the Universe for their safe return. Tim is known for his stories of life in the Navy. I can’t imagine the tales he will have to tell on his return from this great adventure.

Well, another post comes to a close. I hope you all enjoyed the read and photos. Now, get up, and get out. Use it or lose it, we only go around once in life; try to enjoy it to the fullest.